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Name Code Type
BMID1001 - Foundation Midwifery Skills BMID1001 Module
BMID1002 - Leading universal care for women and families BMID1002 Module
BMID1003 - Universal Care of the newborn BMID1003 Module
BMID1004 - Introduction to research BMID1004 Module
BMID1005 - Foundation midwifery practice BMID1005 Module
BMID2001 - Developing Midwifery Skills BMID2001 Module
BMID2002 - Coordinating additional care for women and families BMID2002 Module
BMID2003 - Additional Care of the newborn BMID2003 Module
BMID2004 - Applying research to practice BMID2004 Module
BMID2005 - Developing midwifery practice BMID2005 Module
BNSA3001 - Independent Study BNSA3001 Module
BNSA3002 - Independent Study BNSA3002 Module
BNSA3003 - Nursing Research BNSA3003 Module
BNSA3004 - Leading for Enhanced Service Delivery BNSA3004 Module
BNSA3005 - Philosophical Approach to Contemporary Heath Care BNSA3005 Module
BNSA3006 - Person Centred Assessment in Clinical Practice BNSA3006 Module
BNSA3007 - The Care and Management of People with Long Term Conditions BNSA3007 Module
BNSA3008 - Law and Ethics for Health and Social Care BNSA3008 Module
BNSA3009 - Negotiated Study BNSA3009 Module
FDNA1001 - Professional Values and Academic Skills FDNA1001 Module
FDNA1002 - Biosciences for Health and Care Practitioners FDNA1002 Module
FDNA1005 - Communication and Interpersonal Skills FDNA1005 Module
FDNA1103 - The Developing Nursing Associate (work-based learning) FDNA1103 Module
FDNA1104 - Personal and Professional Development in the Practice Environment (work-related learning) FDNA1104 Module
FDNA1106 - 2: Planning and Delivering Person-Centred Care across the Lifespan FDNA1106 Module
FDNA1201 - Essential Skills for Nursing Associate Practice 1 FDNA1201 Module
FDNA1202 - Principles of Nursing Associate Practice FDNA1202 Module
FDNA2001 - Promoting Health and Well-Being Across the Lifespan FDNA2001 Module
FDNA2002 - Evidence-based contemporary health care FDNA2002 Module
FDNA2005 - Leadership and Team-Working in Health and Care FDNA2005 Module
FDNA2103 - The Competent Nursing Associate (work-based learning) FDNA2103 Module
FDNA2104 - Personal and Professional Competence in the Practice Environment (work-related learning) FDNA2104 Module
FDNA2106 - 2: Planning and Delivering Competent Person-Centred Care across the Lifespan FDNA2106 Module
FDNA2201 - Essential Skills and Nursing Associate Practice 2 FDNA2201 Module
FDNA2202 - Developing Integrated Person-Centred Care FDNA2202 Module
FDNA2203 - Working in Teams in Health and Social Care FDNA2203 Module
FGPN3001 - Independent Study- Service Improvement Project FGPN3001 Module
HPED4001 - Teaching and Facilitating Learning in Health Professions Education HPED4001 Module
HPED4002 - Assessment of Learning in Health Professions Education HPED4002 Module
HPED4003 - Designing and Planning Learning in Health Professions Education HPED4003 Module
HPED4004 - Teaching in the Clinical Setting in Health Professions Education HPED4004 Module
HPED4006 - Negotiated Learning in Health Professions Education HPED4006 Module
MACP4001 - Exploring and Challenging Advanced Clinical Practice. MACP4001 Module
MACP4002 - Health and Social Needs Assessment for Advanced Clinical Practice MACP4002 Module
MACP4003 - Complex Decision Making in Advanced Clinical Practice MACP4003 Module
MACP4004 - Coaching and Guidance for Advanced Clinical Practice MACP4004 Module
MACP4005 - Research Methods 1 MACP4005 Module
MACP4006 - Negotiated Learning 1 MACP4006 Module
MACP4007 - Independent and Supplementary Prescribing (V300) MACP4007 Module
MACP4008 - Negotiated Learning 2 MACP4008 Module
MACP4010 - Professional Advocate Programme MACP4010 Module
MACP4011 - Newborn Physical Examination MACP4011 Module
MACP4012 - Dissertation in Advanced Clinical Practice MACP4012 Module
MACP4013 - Advanced Clinical Practice Capability MACP4013 Module
MACP4014 - Health and Social Needs Assessment for Pharmacists MACP4014 Module
MACP4015 - Principles and Practice of Independent Prescribing for Pharmacists MACP4015 Module
MIDC3101 - The Life Long Learner/ Independent Study, A MIDC3101_A Module
MIDC3101 - The Life Long Learner/ Independent Study, B MIDC3101_B Module
MIDC3102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (3), A MIDC3102_A Module
MIDC3102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (3), B MIDC3102_B Module
MIDC3103 - Midwifery Practice (3), A MIDC3103_A Module
MIDC3103 - Midwifery Practice (3), B MIDC3103_B Module
MIDD2101 - Life-Long Learner (2), A MIDD2101_A Module
MIDD2101 - Life-Long Learner (2), B MIDD2101_B Module
MIDD2102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (2), A MIDD2102_A Module
MIDD2102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (2), B MIDD2102_B Module
MIDD2103 - Midwifery Practice (2), A MIDD2103_A Module
MIDD2103 - Midwifery Practice (2), B MIDD2103_B Module
MIDF1101 - Life-Long Learner (1), A MIDF1101_A Module
MIDF1101 - Life-Long Learner (1), B MIDF1101_B Module
MIDF1102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (1), A MIDF1102_A Module
MIDF1102 - Theoretical Foundations of Midwifery (1), B MIDF1102_B Module
MIDF1103 - Midwifery Practice (1), A MIDF1103_A Module
MIDF1103 - Midwifery Practice (1), B MIDF1103_B Module
MSAP4001 - Challenging and Enhancing Service Delivery MSAP4001 Module
MSAP4005 - Dissertation MSAP4005 Module
MSAP4006 - Dissertation MSAP4006 Module
MSAP4010 - Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) Programme MSAP4010 Module
MSAP4022 - Practice certificate in Pharmacist Independent Prescribing MSAP4022 Module
MSAP4031 - Newborn Physical Examination MSAP4031 Module
MSAP4051 - Principles of Law for Health and Social Care MSAP4051 Module
MSAP4080 - Negotiated Learning 1 MSAP4080 Module
MSAP4086 - Negotiated Learning (double) 2 MSAP4086 Module
MSAP4161 - The context of paediatric palliative care MSAP4161 Module
MSNS4000 - Dissertation MSNS4000 Module
MSPH4010 - Dissertation MSPH4010 Module
MSPH4011 - Introduction to Public Health MSPH4011 Module
MSPH4012 - Health Improvement MSPH4012 Module
MSPH4013 - Public Health Economics, Leadership and Management MSPH4013 Module
MSPH4014 - Research Methods in Public Health MSPH4014 Module
MSPH4015 - Public Health Project Module MSPH4015 Module
MSPH4016 - Global Health and Community Development MSPH4016 Module
MSPH4017 - Health Protection MSPH4017 Module
MSPH4019 - Advanced Research Methods MSPH4019 Module
MSPH4020 - Dissertation MSPH4020 Module
MSYW4002 - Inter-Professional Management and Leadership MSYW4002 Module
MSYW4003 - Action Research MSYW4003 Module
MSYW4004 - Assembling Diversity MSYW4004 Module
MSYW4005 - Writing From Practice MSYW4005 Module
MSYW4007 - Sustainable Futures MSYW4007 Module
MSYW4008 - Dissertation MSYW4008 Module
PRNA2002 - Implementing Adult Nursing Care PRNA2002 Module
PRNA2101 - Developing person-centred adult health care PRNA2101 Module
PRNA3001 - Managing and Evaluating Adult Health Care PRNA3001 Module
PRNA3101 - Challenges and complexity in adult nursing PRNA3101 Module
PRNC3001 - Managing and Evaluating Children and Families with Complex Health and Social Care Need PRNC3001 Module
PRNC3101 - Challenges and complexity in childrens nursing PRNC3101 Module
PRNG2003 - Developing nursing competency within contemporary healthcare PRNG2003 Module
PRNG3001 - Independent Study PRNG3001 Module
PRNG3101 - Independent Study: Critical Engagement with Practice PRNG3101 Module
PRNG3102 - Leading and Managing Nursing care PRNG3102 Module
PRNM3001 - Managing and evaluating mental health nursing care PRNM3001 Module
PRNM3101 - Challenges and complexity in mental health nursing PRNM3101 Module
PRNP3001 - Practice Learning 5 PRNP3001 Module
PRNP3002 - Practice Learning 6 PRNP3002 Module
PRNP3101 - Essential Skills for Nursing Practice 3 PRNP3101 Module
UACC4002 - Urgent Care and the Frail Elderly UACC4002 Module
UACC4003 - Acute and Life Threatening Care UACC4003 Module

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