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ALHS1106 - Foundations for Professional Practice ALHS1106 Module
ALHS2103 - Applied Research and Evidence Based Practice ALHS2103 Module
ALHS2104 - Teamwork for Professional Practice ALHS2104 Module
ALHS3006 - Leading for Enhanced Service Delivery ALHS3006 Module
ALHS3104 - Enhancing Employability ALHS3104 Module
ALHS3106 - Leadership for Professional Practice ALHS3106 Module
APHS3002 - Independent Study APHS3002 Module
APHS3003 - Person Centred Care Across the Lifecourse APHS3003 Module
APHS3006 - From Local to Global: Issues in Contemporary Social Policy APHS3006 Module
APHS3009 - Substance Misuse APHS3009 Module
APHS3010 - Understanding Domestic Abuse APHS3010 Module
APHS3011 - Research for Practice in Applied Health & Social Science APHS3011 Module
APHS3012 - Contemporary Issues in Mental Health APHS3012 Module
APHS3014 - Access to Nutritional Therapy APHS3014 Module
APHS3021 - Team Work in Multi - Professional Practice APHS3021 Module
APHS3022 - Participatory Planning and Social Prescribing in Health & Social Care APHS3022 Module
APHS3505 - Assessed and Supported year in employment APHS3505 Module
APHS3506 - Consolidating Professional Practice APHS3506 Module
BIOM1401 - Oral Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Appliance Design BIOM1401 Module
BIOM1402 - Basic Dental Technology Techniques BIOM1402 Module
BIOM1403 - Introductory Dental Biomaterials Science BIOM1403 Module
BIOM1404 - Employment Practice A BIOM1404 Module
BIOM2505 - Dental Technology Techniques for Fixed Prosthodontics BIOM2505 Module
BIOM2506 - Preparing for Practice and Future Employment BIOM2506 Module
BIOM2507 - Dental Technology Techniques for Removable Prosthodontics BIOM2507 Module
BIOM2508 - Employment Practice B BIOM2508 Module
BNSA3050 - Return to Nursing Practice BNSA3050 Module
BSPS1001 - Professional Values and Academic Skills BSPS1001 Module
BSPS1002 - Bioscience for Paramedic Practitioners 1 BSPS1002 Module
BSPS1003 - Fundamental Skills for Paramedic Practice BSPS1003 Module
BSPS1004 - Paramedic Professional Practice 1 BSPS1004 Module
BSPS1005 - Biosciences for Paramedic Practitioners 2 BSPS1005 Module
BSPS1006 - An Introduction to Pathophysiology of Illness and Injury BSPS1006 Module
BSPS2001 - Biosciences for Paramedic Practitioners 3 BSPS2001 Module
BSPS2002 - Clinical and Psychosocial Aspects of Complex Illness and Injury BSPS2002 Module
BSPS2003 - Essential Skills for the Developing Paramedic BSPS2003 Module
BSPS2004 - Paramedic Professional Practice 2 BSPS2004 Module
BSPS2005 - Applying Research and Evidence to Paramedic Practice BSPS2005 Module
BSPS3001 - Professionalism and the Paramedic BSPS3001 Module
BSPS3002 - Independent study BSPS3002 Module
BSPS3003 - Complex Skills for the Competent Paramedic BSPS3003 Module
BSPS3004 - Paramedic Professional Practice 3 BSPS3004 Module
BSPS3005 - Advanced Pathophysiology and Clinical Reasoning for Paramedics BSPS3005 Module
CAMH3005 - Understanding CAMH & Core Competencies for working with Children, Young people and Families CAMH3005 Module
CAMH3006 - Therapeutic Ways of Working with Children, Young People and Families CAMH3006 Module
CAMH3007 - Promoting CAMH in Universal Settings CAMH3007 Module
CAMH3008 - Empowering & Involving Children & Young people; Children & Young People's Rights CAMH3008 Module
CNSL1101 - Modality in Counselling: CBT CNSL1101 Module
CNSL1102 - Modality in Counselling: Person Centred CNSL1102 Module
CNSL1103 - Personal and Professional Development 1 CNSL1103 Module
CNSL1104 - Comparative Theoretical Modalities CNSL1104 Module
CNSL1105 - Human Growth and Development CNSL1105 Module
CNSL1106 - Social, Political and Cultural Context of Counselling CNSL1106 Module
CNSL1107 - Introduction to Counselling Ethics and the Law Relating to Counselling CNSL1107 Module
CNSL1199 - Academic Study Skills and Entrepreneurial Thinking CNSL1199 Module
CNSL2101 - Introduction to Counselling Research CNSL2101 Module
CNSL2102 - Personal and Professional Development 2 CNSL2102 Module
CNSL2103 - Advanced Skills of Counselling: CBT CNSL2103 Module
CNSL2104 - Advanced Skills of Counselling: Person Centred CNSL2104 Module
CNSL2105 - Counselling Children and Young People CNSL2105 Module
CNSL2106 - Counselling for Loss and Grief CNSL2106 Module
CNSL2107 - Independent Work-based Learning 2 CNSL2107 Module
DSVM4001 - Theoretical Perspectives on Gender, Violence and Interpersonal Relationships DSVM4001 Module
DSVM4002 - Recognition, Responses and Impact of Violence DSVM4002 Module
DSVM4003 - Preparing for Independent Research DSVM4003 Module
DSVM4004 - Public Health Responses to Violence and Managing Perpetrators DSVM4004 Module
DSVM4005 - Dissertation DSVM4005 Module
FDCM1002 - Child & Adolescent Development FDCM1002 Module
FDCM1005 - An Integrated Approach To Safeguarding Children & Young People FDCM1005 Module
FDCM1008 - Therapeutic Communication and Counselling Skills with Children, Young People and Families FDCM1008 Module
FDCM1009 - Values and Ethics for Practice: Children, Young People and Families FDCM1009 Module
FDCM1010 - Introducing Child and Adolescent Mental Health FDCM1010 Module
FDCM1600 - Work Based Learning FDCM1600 Module
FDCM2005 - Mental Health & Interventions with Children, Young People & Families FDCM2005 Module
FDCM2006 - Working with Vulnerable Groups FDCM2006 Module
FDCM2007 - Mental Health Promotion Strategies with Children, Young People and Families FDCM2007 Module
FDCM2600 - Individual Project FDCM2600 Module
FDCP1001 - Person-Centred Approaches in Counselling FDCP1001 Module
FDCP1002 - Personal and Profession Development, Part 1 FDCP1002 Module
FDCP1003 - Comparative Theoretical Approaches FDCP1003 Module
FDCP1004 - Human Growth and Development FDCP1004 Module
FDCP1005 - Social, Political and Cultural Context of Counselling FDCP1005 Module
FDCP1007 - Independent Work-Based Learning (1) FDCP1007 Module
FDCP1008 - Counselling For Loss and Grief FDCP1008 Module
FDCP2001 - Introduction to Counselling Research FDCP2001 Module
FDCP2002 - Personal and Professional Development FDCP2002 Module
FDCP2003 - Developing the Skills of Person-Centred Counselling FDCP2003 Module
FDCP2004 - Introduction to Counselling Ethics and the Law Relating to Counselling FDCP2004 Module
FDCP2006 - Independent Work-Based Learning (2) FDCP2006 Module
FDCP2007 - Counselling Children and young people FDCP2007 Module
FDCP2901 - Professional Practice FDCP2901 Module
FDDS1211 - Dementia: Legislation, Policy and Best Practice FDDS1211 Module
FDEC2007 - Work Based learning 2 FDEC2007 Module
FDHS1205 - Personal and Professional Development in the Workplace FDHS1205 Module
FDHS1209 - Effective Communication and Ethical Practice FDHS1209 Module
FDHS1210 - Understanding and Promoting Health and Well-Being across the Life Course FDHS1210 Module
FDHS1211 - Health and Social Care: Legislation, Policy and Improving Quality FDHS1211 Module
FDHS2003 - Applied Research and Evidence Based Practice FDHS2003 Module
FDHS2004 - Understanding Teamworking in Professional Practice FDHS2004 Module
FDHS2203 - Health and Social Care: Individual Project in the Workplace FDHS2203 Module
FDHS2204 - Reviewing Academic Literature in Health and Social Care FDHS2204 Module
FDHS2204E1 - Reviewing Academic Literature in Health and Social Care FDHS2204E1 Module
FDHS2205 - Applied Human Biology and Managing Health Conditions FDHS2205 Module
FDMH1205 - Mental Health:Personal and Professional Development in the Mental Health Workplace FDMH1205 Module
FDMH1210 - Understanding Experiences of and Practices in Mental Health FDMH1210 Module
FDMH1211 - Mental Health: Legislation, Policy and Improving Quality FDMH1211 Module
FDMH2203 - Individual Project in the Mental Health Workplace FDMH2203 Module
FDMH2204 - Reviewing Academic Literature in Mental Health FDMH2204 Module
FDMH2205 - Conditions and Interventions in Mental Distress FDMH2205 Module
FDPH2001 - Effective Care for Vulnerable People FDPH2001 Module
FDPH2002 - Research and professional practice FDPH2002 Module
FDPH2003 - Bioscience for practice 3 FDPH2003 Module
HESC3001 - Independent Study HESC3001 Module
HESC3002 - Independent Study HESC3002 Module
HESC3003 - Philosophical Approaches to Contemporary Health Care HESC3003 Module
HESC3004 - Research Methods HESC3004 Module
HESC3005 - Mentorship for Paramedic Practice HESC3005 Module
HESC3007 - Principles of Law for Health and Social Care HESC3007 Module
HESC3008 - Leading for Enhanced Service Delivery HESC3008 Module
HESC3009 - Negotiated Study HESC3009 Module
HESC3050 - Return to Nursing Practice HESC3050 Module
HESC3089 - Evidence-based Palliative and End of Life Care - Principles and Practice HESC3089 Module
HESC3090 - Nutrition and Health HESC3090 Module
HESC3110 - Care of a person with Dementia in an Acute Care Setting HESC3110 Module
HESC3505 - Assessed & Supported Year in Employment - Part 1 HESC3505 Module
HESC3506 - Assessed & Supported Year in Employment - Part 2 HESC3506 Module
IMCS4001 - Integrative Relational Supervison IMCS4001 Module
IMCS4002 - Supervision in Practice IMCS4002 Module
IMIC1001 - The Art of Relationship IMIC1001 Module
IMIC1002 - Professional Competence IMIC1002 Module
IMIC1003 - The Neuroscience of Relationship IMIC1003 Module
IMIC1004 - Sense of Self IMIC1004 Module
IMIC1005 - Professional Practice 1: Work-based Placement IMIC1005 Module
IMIC2001 - The 'Here and Now' Encounter IMIC2001 Module
IMIC2002 - Creative Arts Therapies IMIC2002 Module
IMIC2003 - Counselling in Context IMIC2003 Module
IMIC2004 - The Process of Change IMIC2004 Module
IMIC2005 - Professional Development 2 IMIC2005 Module
IMIC2006 - Professional Practice IMIC2006 Module
IMIC3000 - Advanced Professional Practice IMIC3000 Module
IMIC3003 - Specialist Work Based Learning IMIC3003 Module
IMIC3004 - Research for Counselling Practitioners IMIC3004 Module
IMIC3005 - Counselling in the 21st Century IMIC3005 Module
MCAP4005 - Research Methods 1 MCAP4005 Module
MCAP4007 - Independent and Supplementary Prescribing MCAP4007 Module
MDEM4001 - Person-Centred Leadership: the VIPS Approach MDEM4001 Module
MDEM4002 - Applying the Admiral Nursing Competency Framework MDEM4002 Module
MDEM4003 - Expert Practice in Delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care MDEM4003 Module
MDEM4004 - Supporting people with Advanced Dementia MDEM4004 Module
MDEM4005 - Enabling Environments for People with Dementia MDEM4005 Module
MDEM4006 - Engagement and Empowerment in Dementia Studies MDEM4006 Module
MDEM4007 - Dementia in the Family Context MDEM4007 Module
MSAP4002 - Research Methods MSAP4002 Module
MSAP4112 - Leading Person Centred Services for People Living with Dementia MSAP4112 Module
MSPA4003 - Emergency Medicine and Critical Care MSPA4003 Module
MSPA4005 - Maternal & Paediatric Medicine MSPA4005 Module
MSPA4006 - Behavioural Medicine MSPA4006 Module
MSPA4007 - Clinical Practice MSPA4007 Module
MSPA4010 - Dissertation (Healthcare Improvement Project) MSPA4010 Module
MSPA4021 - Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery MSPA4021 Module
MSPA4022 - Foundations of Clinical Practice MSPA4022 Module
MSPA4023 - Clinical Medicine and Public Health MSPA4023 Module
MSPA4024 - Research Methods in Health MSPA4024 Module
MSPA4025 - Clinical Specialities MSPA4025 Module
MSPA4026 - Clinical Placements MSPA4026 Module
MSPA4030 - Dissertation MSPA4030 Module
NCTC1001 - Facilitating Learning in groups NCTC1001 Module
NCTC1002 - Introduction to reflective practice and listening skills NCTC1002 Module
NCTC1003 - New Baby, New Family: Part 1 NCTC1003 Module
NCTC1004 - Breastfeeding knowledge for NCT practitioners NCTC1004 Module
NCTC1005 - Giving birth NCTC1005 Module
NCTC1101 - Facilitating Learning in Groups NCTC1101 Module
NCTC1102 - New Family: Changes and Challenges Part 1 NCTC1102 Module
NCTC2001 - Antenatal Skills NCTC2001 Module
NCTC2002 - Antenatal Knowledge NCTC2002 Module
NCTC2003 - Developing skills as a Breastfeeding Counsellor NCTC2003 Module
NCTC2005 - Developing knowledge as a Breastfeeding Counsellor NCTC2005 Module
NCTC2007 - New Family, New Baby: Part 2 NCTC2007 Module
NCTC2008 - Facilitating postnatal groups NCTC2008 Module
NCTC2009 - Yoga for Pregnancy NCTC2009 Module
NCTC2010 - NCT Mother and Baby Yoga NCTC2010 Module
NCTC2011 - NCT Yoga Foundations NCTC2011 Module
NCTC2012 - Dimensions of the role of the Birth Doula NCTC2012 Module
NCTC2013 - Realising the role of the Birth Doula NCTC2013 Module
NCTC2014 - NCT Baby massage NCTC2014 Module
NCTC2018 - NCT Professional Attributes NCTC2018 Module
NCTC2111 - Realising the Role of Doula NCTC2111 Module
NCTC3001 - The Adult Learner NCTC3001 Module
NCTC3002 - Independent Study NCTC3002 Module
NCTC3003 - The Cultural Shaping of Birth and Beyond NCTC3003 Module
NCTC3004 - Bringing about Change in Birth and Beyond NCTC3004 Module
NCTC3101 - Reflecting on Assessment Practice NCTC3101 Module
NUTH4013 - Nutritional improvement NUTH4013 Module
NUTH4014 - Integrated approaches in nutritional therapy NUTH4014 Module
NUTH4015 - Nutrition through the lifespan NUTH4015 Module
NUTH4016 - Nutritional Therapy Clinical Practice NUTH4016 Module
NUTH4017 - Research approaches and methods NUTH4017 Module
NUTH4019 - Dissertation (40 credits) NUTH4019 Module
NUTH4020 - Dissertation (60 credits) NUTH4020 Module
NUTH4028 - Negotiated learning in Diet, Nutrition and Health NUTH4028 Module
NUTH4031 - Studying Nutrition NUTH4031 Module
NUTH4032 - Nutritional Assessment NUTH4032 Module
NUTH4033 - Early Years, Adolescence and Reproduction. NUTH4033 Module
NUTH4034 - Evidence based practice in adults. NUTH4034 Module
NUTH4035 - Nutritional Improvement NUTH4035 Module
NUTH4036 - Preparing for Practice NUTH4036 Module
NUTH4037 - Clinical Practice and Business Development NUTH4037 Module
NUTH4038 - Research Approaches and Methods NUTH4038 Module
NUTH4039 - Dissertation NUTH4039 Module
OCTH1100 - Practice learning OCTH1100 Module
OCTH1101 - Foundation Sciences A: Anatomy and Physiology OCTH1101 Module
OCTH1102 - Philosophy and Practice of Occupational Therapy OCTH1102 Module
OCTH1103 - Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Occupation OCTH1103 Module
OCTH1104 - Introducing evidence informed occupational therapy OCTH1104 Module
OCTH1105 - Foundation Sciences B: Psychology OCTH1105 Module
OCTH2100 - Practice Learning 2 OCTH2100 Module
OCTH2101 - Factors Affecting Occupational Performance and Participation OCTH2101 Module
OCTH2102 - Enabling Occupation OCTH2102 Module
OCTH2105 - Practice Learning 3 OCTH2105 Module
OCTH3000 - Practice Learning 4 OCTH3000 Module
OCTH3002 - Independent Study OCTH3002 Module
OCTH3003 - Advanced Professional Diversity OCTH3003 Module
OCTH3004 - Enhancing Employability OCTH3004 Module
OCTH3005 - Practice Learning 5 OCTH3005 Module
OCTH3100 - Practice Learning 4 OCTH3100 Module
OCTH3102 - Dissertation OCTH3102 Module
OCTH3103 - Advanced Practice Diversity OCTH3103 Module
OCTH3105 - Practice Learning 5 OCTH3105 Module
PRDC8001 - The Researching Professional PRDC8001 Module
PRDC8002 - Research Methods and Design PRDC8002 Module
PRDC8003 - Project Development, Planning and Management PRDC8003 Module
PRNA1101 - Principles of Adult Nursing PRNA1101 Module
PRNC1101 - Principles of children's nursing PRNC1101 Module
PRNC2101 - Developing person-centred child and family health care PRNC2101 Module
PRNG1101 - Communication and professional values to promote health and well-being across the lifespan PRNG1101 Module
PRNG1102 - Human anatomy and physiology for person-centred care PRNG1102 Module
PRNG2101 - Evidence Based Practice for Health & Care PRNG2101 Module
PRNG2102 - Fundamentals of medicines management and therapeutics PRNG2102 Module
PRNM1101 - Principles of mental health nursing PRNM1101 Module
PRNM2101 - Developing person-centred mental health care PRNM2101 Module
PRNP1101 - Essential Skills for Nursing Practice 1 PRNP1101 Module
PRNP2101 - Essential Skills for Nursing Practice 2 PRNP2101 Module
PSTU3002 - Dissertation PSTU3002 Module
PSTU3003 - Complex Practice for Paramedic Studies PSTU3003 Module
PSTU3004 - Leading for Enhanced Service Delivery PSTU3004 Module
PSTU3005 - Advanced Pathophysiology and Clinical Reasoning for Paramedics PSTU3005 Module
PSTU3006 - Mentorship for Paramedic Practice PSTU3006 Module
PSYC1438 - Becoming a Psychologist PSYC1438 Module
PSYC1439 - Therapeutic Approaches in Psychology PSYC1439 Module
PSYC1440 - Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology PSYC1440 Module
PTHY1100 - Practice Learning 1 PTHY1100 Module
PTHY1101 - Foundation Sciences for Physiotherapy 1 (Anatomy) PTHY1101 Module
PTHY1102 - Foundation Sciences for Physiotherapy 2 (Pathophysiology) PTHY1102 Module
PTHY1103 - Guiding Principles of Physiotherapy Practice PTHY1103 Module
PTHY1104 - Exercise, health and wellbeing PTHY1104 Module
PTHY2100 - Practice Learning 2 PTHY2100 Module
PTHY2101 - Applied Sciences 1 (Musculo-skeletal) PTHY2101 Module
PTHY2102 - Applied Sciences 2 (Cardiovascular and Respiratory) PTHY2102 Module
PTHY2103 - Applied Sciences 3 (Neurology) PTHY2103 Module
PTHY2105 - Practice Learning 3 PTHY2105 Module
PTHY3000 - Practice Learning 4 PTHY3000 Module
PTHY3002 - Independent Study PTHY3002 Module
PTHY3003 - Managing Patients With Complex Needs PTHY3003 Module
PTHY3004 - Enhancing Employability PTHY3004 Module
PTHY3005 - Practice Learning 5 PTHY3005 Module
PTHY3100 - Practice Learning 4 PTHY3100 Module
PTHY3102 - Independent Study PTHY3102 Module
PTHY3103 - Managing Patients with Complex Needs PTHY3103 Module
PTHY3105 - Practice Learning 5 PTHY3105 Module
SOWK1001 - The Context of Practice SOWK1001 Module
SOWK1001E1 - Context of Practice (Social Work module) SOWK1001E1 Module
SOWK1002 - Theories and interventions in social work practice SOWK1002 Module
SOWK1003 - Skills Development SOWK1003 Module
SOWK1004 - Life Course Development SOWK1004 Module
SOWK1005 - Ethics and values SOWK1005 Module
SOWK2001 - Law and Policy for Social Work Practice SOWK2001 Module
SOWK2002 - Managing Risk in Social Work Practice SOWK2002 Module
SOWK2003 - Understanding Research in Practice SOWK2003 Module
SOWK2004 - Practice 1 SOWK2004 Module
SOWK3001 - Independent Study SOWK3001 Module
SOWK3003 - Practice 2 SOWK3003 Module
SOWK3004 - Practice Realities SOWK3004 Module
SOWK4001 - Applied Law and Policy for Social Workers SOWK4001 Module
SOWK4002 - Theories, Principles and Approaches in Social Work: Interventions SOWK4002 Module
SOWK4100 - Fundamentals of practice SOWK4100 Module
SOWK4101 - Theories, Approaches & Skills SOWK4101 Module
SOWK4102 - Applied Law and Policy for Social Workers SOWK4102 Module
SOWK4103 - Assessment and safeguarding SOWK4103 Module
SOWK4104 - Human growth and development SOWK4104 Module
SOWK4105 - Practice - Developing Capability SOWK4105 Module
SOWK4106 - Complex practice SOWK4106 Module
SOWK4107 - Dissertation SOWK4107 Module
SOWK4108 - Practice - Achieving Capabilities SOWK4108 Module
SWSS2001 - Law for Social Work Practice SWSS2001 Module
SWSS2004 - Advanced Social Work Skills SWSS2004 Module
SWSS2006 - Practice - Developing Competence SWSS2006 Module
SWSS2007 - Assessment, Intervention, Theories & Methods SWSS2007 Module
SWSS2008 - Understanding Research in Practice SWSS2008 Module
SWSS3003 - The Research and Policy Context of Social Work Practice SWSS3003 Module
SWSS3005 - The Competent Practitioner SWSS3005 Module
SWSS3009 - Practice - Achieving Capability SWSS3009 Module
YACS1003 - Reflective & Evidence Based Practice YACS1003 Module
YACS1003E1 - Reflective & Evidence Based Practice YACS1003E1 Module
YACS1004 - Young People in Context: Learning and Change YACS1004 Module
YACS1011 - Work with Young People: Policy, Approach & Practice YACS1011 Module
YACS3004 - Work with Communities: Policy, Approach & Practice YACS3004 Module
YACS3015 - Team Work and Leadership in Multi-Professional Contexts YACS3015 Module

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