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BAPP3010 - Independent Study BAPP3010 Module
BAPP3011 - Specialism Module (Early Years) BAPP3011 Module
BAPP3012 - Specialism Module (Integrated Children's Services) BAPP3012 Module
BAPP3013 - Specialism Module (Education) BAPP3013 Module
BAPP3014 - Professional Development Profiling BAPP3014 Module
BAPP3015 - Applied Psychological Perspectives BAPP3015 Module
BAPP3016 - Evaluation and Change within the Professional Context BAPP3016 Module
ECIS1100 - Introduction to Theory for Practice for Early Years Educator Graduate Practice Pathway ECIS1100 Module
ECIS1101 - Tuning into Children’s Development ECIS1101 Module
ECIS1102 - Transition to Studying in Higher Education ECIS1102 Module
ECIS1103 - Creating Enabling Environments ECIS1103 Module
ECIS1104 - Advocating on behalf of Children ECIS1104 Module
ECIS1110 - Introduction to Early Years Educator Placement (Graduate Practice Pathway) ECIS1110 Module
ECIS1120 - Introduction to Theory for Placement Learning (Early Childhood in Society) ECIS1120 Module
ECIS1130 - Introduction to ECIS Placement Learning Pathway ECIS1130 Module
ECPP1100 - Theory into Practice ECPP1100 Module
ECPP1101 - Tuning Into Children ECPP1101 Module
ECPP1102 - Transmission to Transformation - Academic Study within Higher Education ECPP1102 Module
ECPP1104 - Parents and Professionals, Positive Relationships ECPP1104 Module
ECPP1105 - Planning for Enabling Environments ECPP1105 Module
ECPP1110 - Competence in Practice ECPP1110 Module
ECPP2100 - Theory into Practice ECPP2100 Module
ECPP2101 - The Developing Child in the Family, Community and Culture ECPP2101 Module
ECPP2102 - Continued Academic and Professional Development ECPP2102 Module
ECPP2103 - Children's Communication and Language ECPP2103 Module
ECPP2104 - Special Education Needs, Disability and Inclusive Practice ECPP2104 Module
ECPP2105 - The Impact of Adverse Life Experiences ECPP2105 Module
ECPP2106 - Expressive and Creative Arts in the Early Years; Engaging Children ECPP2106 Module
ECPP2110 - Competence in Practice ECPP2110 Module
ECPP3002 - Independent Study (taken over 2 semesters) ECPP3002 Module
ECPP3100 - Theory into Practice ECPP3100 Module
ECPP3101 - Deconstructing and Reconstructing Childhood: Whose Childhood is it? ECPP3101 Module
ECPP3103 - Developmental Play ECPP3103 Module
ECPP3104 - A Curriculum for Thinking Children ECPP3104 Module
ECPP3105 - Children Becoming Literate ECPP3105 Module
ECPP3107 - Contemporary Issues in Child Health Care Provision ECPP3107 Module
ECPP3110 - Competence in Practice ECPP3110 Module
EDST1101 - Foundations of Education EDST1101 Module
EDST1105 - Education in Context EDST1105 Module
EDST1107 - Children and Young People's Well-Being and Social and Digital Media EDST1107 Module
EDST1108 - Inner City Education EDST1108 Module
EDST1111 - Equality and Diversity: The Educational Experience EDST1111 Module
EDST2101 - Educational Enquiry EDST2101 Module
EDST2101E1 - Educational Enquiry EDST2101E1 Module
EDST2104 - The Psychology of Learning and Teaching EDST2104 Module
EDST2104E1 - The psychology of learning and teaching EDST2104E1 Module
EDST2111 - From Exclusion to Inclusion EDST2111 Module
EDST2111E - From Exclusion to Inclusion EDST2111E Module
EDST2121 - Radical Education EDST2121 Module
EDST2122 - Religion and Education: historical and contemporary perspectives and issues EDST2122 Module
EDST2123 - Work Experience in an Educational Setting EDST2123 Module
EDST2130 - Crossing Borders: Working Internationally and Collaboratively to Explore Personal Responses to Educational Practice. EDST2130 Module
EDST2140 - Post-Compulsory Education EDST2140 Module
EDST2141 - Equality and Diversity in the Lifelong Learning Sector EDST2141 Module
EDST2142 - Mentoring and Coaching within Education EDST2142 Module
EDST3002 - Education Studies Independent Study (taken over 2 semesters) EDST3002 Module
EDST3112 - Policy Making: The Search for Solutions in Education EDST3112 Module
EDST3114 - Disaffection in Education EDST3114 Module
EDST3115 - Citizenship and Education EDST3115 Module
EDST3118 - Values in Education EDST3118 Module
EDST3119 - Relationships in Education EDST3119 Module
EDST3123 - Work Experience in an Educational Setting EDST3123 Module
EDST3126 - Organising Teaching and Learning EDST3126 Module
EDST3127 - Critical Perspectives on 'Special Educational Needs' EDST3127 Module
EDST3128 - Extension Module EDST3128 Module
EDST3130 - Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties EDST3130 Module
EDST3131 - Special Educational Needs and Disability in an Inclusive Setting EDST3131 Module
EDST3140 - Post-Compulsory Education EDST3140 Module
EDST3141 - Equality and Diversity in Adult Education EDST3141 Module
EDST3142 - Mentoring and Coaching within Education EDST3142 Module
FDCF1501 - Transition into Higher Education and transformation of practice FDCF1501 Module
FDCF1502 - The Nature & Culture of Childhood & Adulthood FDCF1502 Module
FDCF1503 - 21st-Century Family: Diversity and Support FDCF1503 Module
FDCF1504 - Children's Welfare in Political Landscapes FDCF1504 Module
FDCF2501 - Adapting Professional Practice: Child-Centred Interventions FDCF2501 Module
FDCF2502 - Safeguarding Children's Rights in Family Contexts FDCF2502 Module
FDCF2503 - Employability in Landscapes of Current Child Welfare Practice FDCF2503 Module
FDCF2504 - Long Study FDCF2504 Module
FDEA1001 - Introduction to Study Skills FDEA1001 Module
FDEA1002 - Reflective Journal FDEA1002 Module
FDEA1003 - Safeguarding emotional health and well-being of Early Years to Adolescence (0-19 years) FDEA1003 Module
FDEA1005 - Introduction to the learning and development of Early Years and Adolescence (0-19) FDEA1005 Module
FDEA1008 - Enabling Environments: characteristics of effective learning FDEA1008 Module
FDEA1010 - Practice-based enquiry FDEA1010 Module
FDEP1001 - Foundations of Understanding - Learning and Development within the EY Curriculum FDEP1001 Module
FDEY1001 - The Developing Child FDEY1001 Module
FDEY1002 - Health and Wellbeing FDEY1002 Module
FDEY1003 - Playful Pedagogy FDEY1003 Module
FDEY1004 - Introduction to Work-Based Learning FDEY1004 Module
FDEY1005 - Theory for Early Years Educator Foundation Graduate FDEY1005 Module
FDEY1500 - Competence in Practice FDEY1500 Module
FDEY1501 - Understanding Children's Development & Learning FDEY1501 Module
FDEY1502 - Supporting Learning & Development in Practice (Practice Based Learning) FDEY1502 Module
FDEY1503 - Protecting & Safeguarding: Working Together for the Child FDEY1503 Module
FDEY1504 - Working Together to Develop Positive Learning Environments (Practice Based Learning) FDEY1504 Module
FDEY2500 - Competence in Practice FDEY2500 Module
FDEY2501 - Investigating Key Features of Quality Enhancement in Early Childhood Education & Care FDEY2501 Module
FDEY2502 - Evaluating & Developing the Curriculum for Young Children FDEY2502 Module
FDEY2503 - Reflecting, Responding & Learning: Practice & Self (Practice/ Work-Based Learning) FDEY2503 Module
FDEY2504 - Practice/ Work-Based Enquiry: Improving Quality in Early Years Settings FDEY2504 Module
FDIN1001 - Introducing Inclusive Education FDIN1001 Module
FDLE1001 - The Contemporary Curriculum FDLE1001 Module
FDLI1001 - Supporting Academic Skills FDLI1001 Module
FDLI1002 - Professional Enquiry FDLI1002 Module
FDLI1003 - Promoting the Enabling Environment FDLI1003 Module
FDLI1004 - Human Growth and Development FDLI1004 Module
FDLI2001 - Understanding our Personal and Professional Selves FDLI2001 Module
FDLS1011 - Preparing for Study FDLS1011 Module
FDLS1012 - The Creative Curriculum (1) Supporting Communication, Literacy & Numeracy FDLS1012 Module
FDLS1013 - The Creative Curriculum (2) Creativity and Learning FDLS1013 Module
FDLS1014 - Child Development FDLS1014 Module
FDLS1015 - Understanding Learning Support FDLS1015 Module
FDLS1016 - Managing Challenging Behaviour FDLS1016 Module
FDLS1017 - Partnerships In Education FDLS1017 Module
FDLS1018 - Wider Aspects of Disability FDLS1018 Module
FDLS2011 - An Introduction to Research Methods FDLS2011 Module
FDLS2012 - Inclusion in Theory & Practice FDLS2012 Module
FDLS2013 - Supporting Additional Needs FDLS2013 Module
FDLS2014 - School Based Study (Double Module) FDLS2014 Module
FDLS2015 - Talking & Listening with Others FDLS2015 Module
FDLS2016 - An Introduction to Social Care Strategies: Meeting the National Agenda FDLS2016 Module
FDLS2017 - Evaluation & Change FDLS2017 Module
FDMW1001 - Introducing the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people FDMW1001 Module
FDTL1001 - Introduction to Study Skills FDTL1001 Module
FDTL1002 - The Principles of Practitioner Reflection FDTL1002 Module
FDTL1003 - Safeguarding and Well-being of Children and Young People FDTL1003 Module
FDTL1005 - Introduction to the Development of Children & Young People (0 - 19 years) FDTL1005 Module
FDTL1006 - Understanding Motivation and Behaviour in Children and Young People FDTL1006 Module
FDTL1008 - Curriculum Development FDTL1008 Module
FDTL1010 - Work-Based Project FDTL1010 Module
FDTL2001 - Reflective Journal FDTL2001 Module
FDTL2005 - Supporting Early Childhood Development (0-5 years) FDTL2005 Module
FDTL2006 - Meeting the Individual Needs of Children & Young People with Specific Learning Difficulties FDTL2006 Module
FDTL2007 - Behaviour for Learning FDTL2007 Module
FDTL2008 - Planning, Assessing & Evaluating Learning FDTL2008 Module
FDTL2010 - Teaching & Learning in Primary Foundation Subjects FDTL2010 Module
FDTL2012 - Work-Based Independent Study FDTL2012 Module
FDTL2013 - Supporting Teaching & Learning FDTL2013 Module
IWCF3002 - Independent Study (Taken across two Semesters) IWCF3002 Module
IWCF3003 - Professional Practice and Inquiry IWCF3003 Module
IWCF3004 - Safeguarding Development and Learning IWCF3004 Module
IWCF3005 - Integrated Support for Children and Families: policy, practice and leadership IWCF3005 Module
LLQT1412 - Learning and Teaching Theory LLQT1412 Module
LLQT1413 - The Teacher as Subject Specialist LLQT1413 Module
LLQT1414 - The Inclusive Teacher LLQT1414 Module
LLQT1901 - Teaching Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector LLQT1901 Module
LLQT2511 - The Teacher as Curriculum Designer LLQT2511 Module
LLQT2512 - The Teacher as Researcher LLQT2512 Module
LLQT2513 - The Professional Teacher LLQT2513 Module
LLQT2901 - Teaching Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector LLQT2901 Module
LLQT2902 - Teaching Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector LLQT2902 Module
LTHE4141 - Supporting Student Learning in Higher Education LTHE4141 Module
LTHE4142 - Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education LTHE4142 Module
LTHE4143 - Introduction to Academic Practice LTHE4143 Module
LWOR3004 - Independent Study (Module 1) LWOR3004 Module
LWOR3022 - Managing the Role of the SENCO - Managing Policy & Practice LWOR3022 Module
LWOR3023 - Managing the Role of the SENCO - Managing Pupil Learning LWOR3023 Module
LWOR3044 - Overcoming Barriers to Learning in Mathematics LWOR3044 Module
LWOR3061 - Understanding Children with Specific Learning Difficulties LWOR3061 Module
MAED4001 - Research Methods MAED4001 Module
MAED4006 - Contemporary Issues in Education: theory, policy and practice MAED4006 Module
MAED4007 - Negotiated Learning MAED4007 Module
MAED4008 - Negotiated Learning (40 credits) MAED4008 Module
MAED4009 - Negotiated Learning (60 credits) MAED4009 Module
MAED4024 - Performance Management MAED4024 Module
MAED4026 - Creative Approaches to Educational Leadership MAED4026 Module
MAED4040 - Special and Inclusive Education: Towards Inclusion MAED4040 Module
MAED4041 - Towards Inclusion: Partnership and Reflection MAED4041 Module
MAED4047 - Inclusion and Challenging Behaviour MAED4047 Module
MAED4049 - The Role of SENCO: the professional context and pupil learning MAED4049 Module
MAED4050 - The Role of SENCO: meeting children's needs in partnership MAED4050 Module
MAED4051 - The Role of SENCO: leadership, change and impact MAED4051 Module
MAED4064 - Mentoring and Coaching MAED4064 Module
MAED4067 - The Practice of Mentoring and Coaching MAED4067 Module
MAED4068 - Theoretical Perspectives on Coaching MAED4068 Module
MAED4070 - Current Issues in Religions and Values Education MAED4070 Module
MAED4071 - Learning and Teaching Religions and Values MAED4071 Module
MAED4101 - Research Methods In Education MAED4101 Module
MAED4106 - Contemporary Issues in Education: Theory, Policy and Practice MAED4106 Module
MAED4107 - Negotiated Learning (Employment-based Critical Reflection) MAED4107 Module
MAED4108 - Negotiated Learning (Employment-based Critical Reflection) 40 credits MAED4108 Module
MAED4109 - Negotiated Learning (Employment-based Critical Reflection) 60 credits MAED4109 Module
MAED4118 - Developing Learning Communities MAED4118 Module
MAED4119 - Understanding and Developing Pedagogy MAED4119 Module
MAED4123 - Leadership in Context MAED4123 Module
MAED4124 - Leadership, Theory, Research and Practice MAED4124 Module
MAED4140 - Enhancing Learning and Teaching MAED4140 Module
MAED4141 - Interpretations of SEND - Critical Concepts and Issues MAED4141 Module
MAED4147 - Supporting Dimensions of Need in SEND MAED4147 Module
MAED4152 - The SENDCO role: Meeting statutory and policy requirements and working collaboratively for learners with SEND MAED4152 Module
MAED4153 - Leading and Managing Inclusive Change Through Research Informed Approaches MAED4153 Module
MAED4157 - Policy Influence in the Early Years MAED4157 Module
MAED4158 - Communication and Collaboration in the Early Years MAED4158 Module
MAED4159 - Effective Early Years Practice and Pedagogy MAED4159 Module
MAED4160 - Dissertation in Education MAED4160 Module
MAED4164 - An Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring MAED4164 Module
MAED4167 - The Practice of Coaching and Mentoring MAED4167 Module
MAED4170 - Current Issues in Religion, Worldviews and Values Education MAED4170 Module
MAED4207 - Negotiated Learning: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy MAED4207 Module
MAED4208 - Negotiated Learning: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy (40 credits) MAED4208 Module
MAED4209 - Negotiated Learning: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy (60 credits) MAED4209 Module
MAED4440 - Dissertation MAED4440 Module
MAED4460 - Dissertation MAED4460 Module
MAED4500 - MRes Education Research Thesis Preparation MAED4500 Module
MAED4505 - MRes in Education Thesis MAED4505 Module
MAED4700 - Negotiated Learning MAED4700 Module
MAED4701 - Negotiated Learning: Employment-based Critical Reflection MAED4701 Module
MAED4702 - Negotiated Learning: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy MAED4702 Module
MAED4703 - Enhancing Learning and Teaching MAED4703 Module
MAHE4027 - Academic Course Leadership MAHE4027 Module
OUED1001 - Introduction to Outdoor Learning OUED1001 Module
OUED1002 - Outdoor Adventurous Activities: Personal Skills OUED1002 Module
OUED1003 - Outdoor Safety Management OUED1003 Module
OUED2001 - Outdoor Adventurous Activities Leadership OUED2001 Module
OUED2002 - Teaching and Learning in the Outdoors OUED2002 Module
OUED2003 - Planning and Preparation for Outdoor Learning OUED2003 Module
OUED3003 - Understanding the Residential Experience OUED3003 Module
OUED3004 - Outdoor Activities and the Natural Environment OUED3004 Module
OUED3005 - Contemporary Issues in Outdoor Learning (Primary) OUED3005 Module
PCSC4001 - Learning Cultures in Safeguarding: Reflective Organisations PCSC4001 Module
PCSC4002 - Cultures of Vigilance: Reflexive Leaders PCSC4002 Module
PGCF3004 - Subject Studies PGCF3004 Module
PGCO3004 - Core Subjects PGCO3004 Module
PGEF4005 - Extended Foundation Subject PGEF4005 Module
PGPE4002 - PE Pedagogy PGPE4002 Module
PGPP3001 - Pedagogy & Professional Practice 1 PGPP3001 Module
PGPP4002 - Pedagogy & Professional Practice PGPP4002 Module
PGPR3000 - Life in School: School Experience (QTS) PGPR3000 Module
PGPR4001 - The Developing Teacher PGPR4001 Module
PGPR4002 - The Learning Child PGPR4002 Module
PGSE3006 - School Experience PGSE3006 Module
PGSR4003 - Subject Specialist Research PGSR4003 Module
PITE1101 - Professional Practice in Primary Teaching - Professionalism and Behaviour Management PITE1101 Module
PITE1102 - Teachers as Researchers PITE1102 Module
PITE1103 - Developing Self PITE1103 Module
PITE1104 - Teaching and Learning 1: Core subjects and PE PITE1104 Module
PITE1105 - Teaching and Learning 2: Foundation Subjects PITE1105 Module
PITE2001 - Professional Studies 2 PITE2001 Module
PITE2002 - Professional Studies Beyond the Classroom PITE2002 Module
PITE2003 - Core Subject 4 PITE2003 Module
PITE2005 - Foundation Subjects 4: Computing, PE, Languages PITE2005 Module
PITE2006 - Foundation Subject 5 (History, Art & RE) PITE2006 Module
PITE2007 - Foundation Subject 6 (Geography, Music & DT) PITE2007 Module
PITE2008 - School Experience 2 PITE2008 Module
PITE2101 - Professional Practice In Primary Teaching: Considering Inclusive Practice. PITE2101 Module
PITE2102 - Teachers as Researchers: Contemporary Issues PITE2102 Module
PITE2103 - Developing Self and Experiences PITE2103 Module
PITE2104 - Teaching and Learning 1: Core Subjects and PE - Planning, Progression, Assessment PITE2104 Module
PITE2105 - Teaching and Learning 2: Foundation Subjects - Planning, Progression, Assessment PITE2105 Module
PITE3001 - Professional Studies 3 PITE3001 Module
PITE3002 - Research in Education PITE3002 Module
PITE3003 - Professional Research in Specialist Subject PITE3003 Module
PITE3005 - Core Subjects 5 (Maths/English/Science) PITE3005 Module
PITE3008 - School Experience 3 Non QTS PITE3008 Module
POED1001 - Teaching the Curriculum through the Outdoors. POED1001 Module
POED1002 - Child Development. POED1002 Module
POED1003 - Introduction to Primary Teaching POED1003 Module
POED2001 - Research in Education POED2001 Module
POED2002 - Philosophies of Education. POED2002 Module
POED2003 - Wider Professional Practice POED2003 Module
POED3002 - Independent Study (taken over 2 semesters) POED3002 Module
POED3003 - Professional Values POED3003 Module
POED3004 - Creative Learning in the Outdoors POED3004 Module
PSEC3000 - Meeting the Teachers' Standards PSEC3000 Module
PSEC3002 - Developing Learning and Teaching PSEC3002 Module
PSEC3003 - Evidence Informed Teaching PSEC3003 Module
PSEC4002 - Developing Learning and Teaching PSEC4002 Module
PSEC4003 - Evidence Informed Teaching PSEC4003 Module
RPVE1001 - Introduction to the Study of Religion and Education RPVE1001 Module
RPVE1002 - Introduction to Philosophy of Religion RPVE1002 Module
RPVE1003 - Encountering Christianity RPVE1003 Module
RPVE2001 - Further Studies in Religion and Education RPVE2001 Module
RPVE2002 - Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems RPVE2002 Module
RPVE2003 - Encountering Islam RPVE2003 Module
RPVE3001 - Independent Study RPVE3001 Module
RPVE3002 - Independent Study RPVE3002 Module
RPVE3003 - Fieldwork in Study of Religions and Education RPVE3003 Module
RPVE3004 - Philosophy of the Arts: Aesthetics, Religion and Education RPVE3004 Module
RPVE3005 - Encountering South Asian Religions RPVE3005 Module
RTP401 - Developing and Managing Your Research RTP401 Module
RTP402 - Dissemination, Impact and Engagement RTP402 Module
RTP404 - Negotiated Learning (Research Training Programme) RTP404 Module
RTP405 - Developing & Managing Your Research RTP405 Module
RTP410 - Blackboard access module RTP410 Module
SEND1003 - Introduction to SEND and Inclusion: History and Legislation SEND1003 Module
SEND1004 - Specific Learning Difficulties: Overcoming Barriers SEND1004 Module
SEND1005 - Exploring Mental Health in Childhood and Adolescence SEND1005 Module
SEND2001 - Researching Interdisciplinary Approaches to Inclusive Practice SEND2001 Module
SEND2002 - Global Perspectives and Special Education Needs and Disabilities SEND2002 Module
SEND2003 - Understanding Autism Spectrum Condition SEND2003 Module
SEND3001 - Independent Study (taken in ONE semester) SEND3001 Module
SEND3002 - Independent Study (taken over 2 semesters) SEND3002 Module
SEND3003 - Professional Roles and Contexts in SEND and Inclusion SEND3003 Module
SEND3004 - Identity, Inclusion and Social Justice SEND3004 Module
SEND3005 - Assistive Technologies in Practice SEND3005 Module
SEND3006 - Concepts of Social, Emotional and Mental Health in Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Inclusion SEND3006 Module
UCSL1002 - The Autism Spectrum: From Theoretical Understanding to Practical Report UCSL1002 Module
UCSL1003 - Specialist Interaction in a School Setting UCSL1003 Module
UCSL1004 - Supporting Literacy & Numeracy UCSL1004 Module
UCSL1005 - Supporting Learning & Teaching UCSL1005 Module
UCTL1030 - Developing Self as a Leader UCTL1030 Module
UCTL1031 - Developing Others UCTL1031 Module
UCTL1032 - Developing the Organisation UCTL1032 Module
UDPT2001 - University Diploma in Private Tutoring UDPT2001 Module

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