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Name Code Type
CPWT2000 - Writer as Researcher CPWT2000 Module
CPWT2000E1 - Writer as Researcher CPWT2000E1 Module
CPWT2002 - Writing for Children CPWT2002 Module
CPWT2003 - Slam, Spoken Word and Performance Poetry CPWT2003 Module
CPWT2004 - Genre Fiction CPWT2004 Module
CPWT3000 - Extended Writing Project CPWT3000 Module
CPWT3003 - Career and Project Module CPWT3003 Module
CPWT3004 - Hypermedia - Creative Writing in a Digital Culture CPWT3004 Module
CPWT3005 - New Nature Writing CPWT3005 Module
CPWT3006 - Contemporary Poetry CPWT3006 Module
CRMN3003 - Professional Practice 2 CRMN3003 Module
CRWT1000 - Introduction to Writing CRWT1000 Module
CRWT1001 - Writer’s Toolkit CRWT1001 Module
CRWT1002 - Writing Poetry CRWT1002 Module
CRWT1003 - Writing the Animal CRWT1003 Module
CRWT1004 - Writing Fiction CRWT1004 Module
CRWT2000 - Writer as Researcher CRWT2000 Module
CRWT2002 - Writing for Children CRWT2002 Module
CRWT2003 - Slam, Spoken Word and Performance Poetry CRWT2003 Module
CRWT2004 - Genre Fiction CRWT2004 Module
DFPR1212 - Truth, Reality and the Documentary Film DFPR1212 Module
ELAN1000 - Describing English ELAN1000 Module
ELAN1002 - The History of The English Language ELAN1002 Module
ELAN1006 - Foundations of Sociolinguistics ELAN1006 Module
ELAN2000 - Approaches to English Language Studies: Critical and Theoretical Matters ELAN2000 Module
ELAN2000E1 - Approaches to English Language Studies: Critical and Theoretical Matters ELAN2000E1 Module
ELAN2002 - Language and Power ELAN2002 Module
ELAN2008 - The English Language in the 21st Century ELAN2008 Module
ELAN2207 - Work Project Module ELAN2207 Module
ELAN3004 - World Englishes ELAN3004 Module
ELAN3008 - Multilingualism Matters ELAN3008 Module
ELAN3010 - Language Style And Identity ELAN3010 Module
ELAN3011 - Introduction to Language Acquisition ELAN3011 Module
ELAN3022 - Work Project Module ELAN3022 Module
ELAN3301 - Independent Research Project (taken in one semester) ELAN3301 Module
ELAN3302 - Independent Research Project (taken over two semesters) ELAN3302 Module
ENGL1101 - Literary Forms and Genres ENGL1101 Module
ENGL1102 - Exploring the Canon ENGL1102 Module
ENGL1103 - Ways of Reading, Ways of Writing ENGL1103 Module
ENGL1105 - Bodies and Beings ENGL1105 Module
ENGL1106 - Places and Spaces ENGL1106 Module
ENGL1107 - Worcester: Past and Present ENGL1107 Module
ENGL2003 - Shakespearean Comedy ENGL2003 Module
ENGL2006 - Culture And Politics In Victorian Fiction 1837-1872 ENGL2006 Module
ENGL2011 - Children's Literature ENGL2011 Module
ENGL2201 - Exploding the Canon: Literary Theory and Practice ENGL2201 Module
ENGL2201E1 - Exploding the Canon: Literary Theory and Practice ENGL2201E1 Module
ENGL2202 - Migration and Movement ENGL2202 Module
ENGL2202E1 - Migration and Movement ENGL2202E1 Module
ENGL2203 - Gothic Literature ENGL2203 Module
ENGL2204 - Politics, Sex and Identity in the Early Modern World ENGL2204 Module
ENGL2206 - Spaces of Modernity ENGL2206 Module
ENGL2207 - Work Project Module ENGL2207 Module
ENGL3004 - Justice & Revenge In English Renaissance Drama ENGL3004 Module
ENGL3006 - Love, Religion and Politics in English Renaissance Poetry ENGL3006 Module
ENGL3011 - Cities & Fiction ENGL3011 Module
ENGL3012 - American Writing & The Wilderness ENGL3012 Module
ENGL3017 - Literature in Film Adaptation ENGL3017 Module
ENGL3020 - Postcolonial Literature ENGL3020 Module
ENGL3022 - Work Project Module ENGL3022 Module
ENGL3026 - From Text to Edition: the Principles and Practice of Electronic Editing ENGL3026 Module
ENGL3301 - Independent Research Project ENGL3301 Module
FLMS1100 - Introduction to Film FLMS1100 Module
FLMS1200 - Hollywood and Beyond FLMS1200 Module
FLMS1213 - Superhero Movies FLMS1213 Module
FLMS1223 - World Cinema FLMS1223 Module
FLMS2003 - Authors & Authorship FLMS2003 Module
FLMS2100 - Approaches To Film FLMS2100 Module
FLMS2100E1 - Approaches to Film FLMS2100E1 Module
FLMS2250 - Film Cultures FLMS2250 Module
FLMS3002 - Independent Study (taken over two semesters) FLMS3002 Module
FLMS3004 - Work Experience FLMS3004 Module
FLMS3006 - Film & Folklore FLMS3006 Module
FLMS3007 - Film Reviewing FLMS3007 Module
FLMS3008 - Studies in Cult & Exploitation Film FLMS3008 Module
FLMS3110 - Cinema and Modern Life FLMS3110 Module
HIST1101 - Studying History HIST1101 Module
HIST1102 - Making of the Modern World HIST1102 Module
HIST1104 - Ideology and Conflict in Europe Since 1789 HIST1104 Module
HIST1109 - Britain from the Age of Faith to the Rise of Class HIST1109 Module
HIST1110 - Studying and Reconstructing the Past HIST1110 Module
HIST2101 - Historical Research HIST2101 Module
HIST2101E1 - Historical Research HIST2101E1 Module
HIST2103 - The American Century, 1917-2001 HIST2103 Module
HIST2103E1 - Twentieth Century USA, 1917-2001 HIST2103E1 Module
HIST2108 - Conflict, Stability and Change: Twentieth-Century Britain HIST2108 Module
HIST2108E1 - Conflict, Stability and Change: Twentieth-Century Britain HIST2108E1 Module
HIST2111 - The German Empire, 1862-1918 HIST2111 Module
HIST2114 - History Work Experience Module HIST2114 Module
HIST2117 - Japan's World, 1854-1951 HIST2117 Module
HIST2118 - Politics, Religion and Society Ireland, 1690-1848 HIST2118 Module
HIST3001 - Independent Study in History (taken in 1 semester) HIST3001 Module
HIST3002 - Independent Study in History (taken over 2 semesters) HIST3002 Module
HIST3104 - The Atlantic Slave Trade HIST3104 Module
HIST3105 - The Good War: The USA and World War Two HIST3105 Module
HIST3106 - Home Fronts: Myths, Narratives, Images and Experiences HIST3106 Module
HIST3109 - Nazi Germany HIST3109 Module
HIST3113 - Witchcraft and the Devil HIST3113 Module
HIST3115 - Research Experience Module HIST3115 Module
HIST3120 - British Imperialism, c. 1784-1972 HIST3120 Module
HUMS4005 - Evolving Genres HUMS4005 Module
HUMS4006 - History and the Media HUMS4006 Module
HUMS4007 - The New Humanities HUMS4007 Module
HUMS4008 - Digital Editing Project HUMS4008 Module
HUMS4009 - Professional Development HUMS4009 Module
HUMS4010 - English Dissertation HUMS4010 Module
LLBL1001 - Law of Contract LLBL1001 Module
LLBL1002 - Public Law LLBL1002 Module
LLBL1003 - Criminal Law LLBL1003 Module
LLBL1004 - Professional Legal Skills and Ethics LLBL1004 Module
LLBL2001 - Land Law LLBL2001 Module
LLBL2002 - Law of Torts LLBL2002 Module
LLBL2003 - European Union Law LLBL2003 Module
LLBL2004 - Media Law LLBL2004 Module
LLBL2005 - Disability Law LLBL2005 Module
LLBL2007 - Criminal Law LLBL2007 Module
LLBL2010 - Commercial Law LLBL2010 Module
LLBL3003 - Equity and Trusts Law LLBL3003 Module
LLBL3004 - Company Law LLBL3004 Module
LLBL3005 - Employment Law LLBL3005 Module
LLBL3006 - Law of Evidence LLBL3006 Module
LLBL3007 - Family Law LLBL3007 Module
LLBL3010 - Human Rights Law LLBL3010 Module
LLBL3011 - LLB Project LLBL3011 Module
LLBL3012 - Work Based Placement LLBL3012 Module
LLBL3014 - Land Law LLBL3014 Module
MECS1000 - Studying Media and Culture MECS1000 Module
MECS1003 - Gender and Representation MECS1003 Module
MECS1007 - Introduction to Television Cultures MECS1007 Module
MECS1010 - Digital Cultures MECS1010 Module
MECS1015 - Popular Music and Cultural Change MECS1015 Module
MECS1020 - World Cultures MECS1020 Module
MECS2011 - Social Media MECS2011 Module
MECS2018 - Beyond the Mainstream: Identity and Diversity in Film and TV MECS2018 Module
MECS2030 - Media and Social Change MECS2030 Module
MECS2030E1 - Media and Social Change MECS2030E1 Module
MECS2032 - Gender, Philosophy and Popular Culture MECS2032 Module
MECS2033 - Researching Popular Cultures MECS2033 Module
MECS2033E - Popular Cultures MECS2033E Module
MECS3004 - TV Times MECS3004 Module
MECS3007 - Advanced Work Project Module MECS3007 Module
MECS3008 - War, Democracy and the Media MECS3008 Module
MECS3013 - Green Media MECS3013 Module
MECS3016 - Commercial Uses of Social Media MECS3016 Module
MECS3017 - Immersive Media: Virtual Spaces, Experiences and Technologies MECS3017 Module
MECS3301 - Independent Research Project MECS3301 Module
MECS3302 - Independent Research Project MECS3302 Module
MHCA4001 - Research Approaches in the Humanities and Arts MHCA4001 Module
MHCA4002 - Thesis Preparation Module MHCA4002 Module
MHCA4005 - Research Project MHCA4005 Module
POLP1101 - Democracy, Politics, and Philosophy: from Plato to Present POLP1101 Module
POLP1105 - Identity Politics POLP1105 Module
POLP1107 - Westminster Politics POLP1107 Module
POLP2101 - European Political Philosophy: Enlightenment, Ideology, and Revolution POLP2101 Module
POLP2105 - Politics Work Project POLP2105 Module
POLP3001 - Dissertation (taken in one semester) POLP3001 Module
POLP3002 - Dissertation (taken over two semesters) POLP3002 Module
POLP3101 - Politics Independent Project POLP3101 Module
POLP3103 - Politics: Westminster, Power, and International Relations POLP3103 Module
SOCG1100 - Approaching the Crisis: 21st Century Sociology SOCG1100 Module
SOCG1101 - Applying Sociology SOCG1101 Module
SOCG1103 - Family Lives SOCG1103 Module
SOCG1105 - Democracy in Everyday Life SOCG1105 Module
SOCG1106 - Welfare for All? Health, Education and Housing SOCG1106 Module
SOCG1108 - Visual Sociology: Ideas Through Images SOCG1108 Module
SOCG2100 - Pathways in Sociology SOCG2100 Module
SOCG2100E1 - Pathways in Sociology SOCG2100E1 Module
SOCG2101 - Sociological Research Design and Methods SOCG2101 Module
SOCG2101E1 - Sociological Research Design and Methods SOCG2101E1 Module
SOCG2102 - Approaching Sociological Research SOCG2102 Module
SOCG2103 - Constructions of Crime: Media Representations and Policy Debates SOCG2103 Module
SOCG2106 - Work Project Module SOCG2106 Module
SOCG2107 - Housing and Homelessness in the Country and the City SOCG2107 Module
SOCG2109 - 'Race' and Ethnicity in Contemporary British Society SOCG2109 Module
SOCG2110 - Crime, Race, Gender and Risk SOCG2110 Module
SOCG2110E - Crime, Race, Gender and Risk SOCG2110E Module
SOCG2112 - Digital Society SOCG2112 Module
SOCG2113 - People, Environment, and Social Change SOCG2113 Module
SOCG2114 - Sociological Research: the Research Proposal SOCG2114 Module
SOCG3001 - Dissertation (taken in one semester) SOCG3001 Module
SOCG3002 - Dissertation (taken over two semester) SOCG3002 Module
SOCG3103 - Work Project Module SOCG3103 Module
SOCG3104 - Response to Crime: The Justice Process SOCG3104 Module
SOCG3105 - Pornography and Modern Culture SOCG3105 Module
SOCG3106 - History of Sexuality SOCG3106 Module
SOCG3107 - Body and Society SOCG3107 Module
SOCG3110 - 'Race', Ethnicity and Education SOCG3110 Module
SOCG3111 - Education and the Sociological Imagination SOCG3111 Module
SOCG3113 - Constructing Emotions: Social/Political Perspectives SOCG3113 Module
SOCG3114 - Capitalism and Globalisation SOCG3114 Module

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