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ANIM1011 - Animation Practices ANIM1011 Module
ANIM1012 - Concept Art Practices ANIM1012 Module
ANIM2001 - Introduction to 3 Dimensional CGI 1: Modelling & Texturing ANIM2001 Module
ANIM2003 - Stop-motion Animation ANIM2003 Module
ANIM2004 - Animation Production: Narrative workflows ANIM2004 Module
ANIM2004E1 - Animation Production: Narrative Workflows ANIM2004E1 Module
ANIM2005 - Animation Techniques and practices ANIM2005 Module
ANIM3010 - Animation Negotiated Production 3 (Triple Module) ANIM3010 Module
ANIM3013 - Pre-Production Practices ANIM3013 Module
ANIM3027 - Animation Negotiated Production (double module) ANIM3027 Module
ARTD1015 - Digital Practices in Contemporary Art & Design 1 ARTD1015 Module
ARTD3002 - Art and Design Independent Study (taken over 2 semesters) ARTD3002 Module
CDME3002 - Independent Study in Creative Digital Media (taken over 2 semesters) CDME3002 Module
CDME3021 - Digital Studio Photography CDME3021 Module
CDME3026 - Negotiated Project CDME3026 Module
CDME3028 - Documentary Photography CDME3028 Module
CDME3033 - Creative Digital Media Professional Practice CDME3033 Module
CDME3035 - Creative Web Content CDME3035 Module
CMED1001 - Digital Media Production CMED1001 Module
CMED1002 - Digital Design and Advertising CMED1002 Module
CMED1003 - Innovation And Experimental Production CMED1003 Module
CMED1004 - Personal Development Skills CMED1004 Module
CMED2001 - Digital Photography CMED2001 Module
CMED2002 - Immersive and Sensory Design CMED2002 Module
CMED2002E - Immersive and Sensory Design CMED2002E Module
CMED2003 - Creative Digital Content CMED2003 Module
CMED2003E - Creative Digital Content CMED2003E Module
CMED2004 - Motion Graphics CMED2004 Module
CMED2005 - Visual Effects CMED2005 Module
CMED2008 - Available Light Photography CMED2008 Module
CMED2009 - Commercial Studio Photography CMED2009 Module
CMED3003 - Creative Media Project CMED3003 Module
CMED3004 - Professional Practice CMED3004 Module
CMED3005 - Design and Media Awards CMED3005 Module
CMED3006 - Pressure Projects CMED3006 Module
CMED3007 - Documentary Photography CMED3007 Module
CMED3009 - Industry Brief CMED3009 Module
CMED4001 - Creative Identity CMED4001 Module
CMED4002 - Professional Practice CMED4002 Module
CMED4003 - Creative Concept CMED4003 Module
CMED4004 - Experimental Practice CMED4004 Module
CMED4005 - Independent Project CMED4005 Module
DANC1001 - Contemporary Technique and Repertoire DANC1001 Module
DANC1002 - Ballet Technique 1 DANC1002 Module
DANC1003 - The Choreographic Process DANC1003 Module
DANC1004 - Preparation for Performance DANC1004 Module
DANC1006 - Jazz Dance DANC1006 Module
DANC1007 - Understanding Contemporary Dance: History and Analysis DANC1007 Module
DANC1008 - Performance DANC1008 Module
DANC2001 - Contemporary Technique 2 DANC2001 Module
DANC2002 - Ballet Technique 2 DANC2002 Module
DANC2003 - Urban Dance DANC2003 Module
DANC2004 - Professional Studies DANC2004 Module
DANC2005 - Bodies on Film DANC2005 Module
DANC2006 - Professional Practice DANC2006 Module
DANC2007 - Negotiated Performance Project DANC2007 Module
DATH1000 - Techniques and Practices in Dance Theatre DATH1000 Module
DATH1001 - Choreography DATH1001 Module
DATH1002 - Total Theatre: Performance Design and Production DATH1002 Module
DATH1003 - Contemporary Circus and Aerial Performance DATH1003 Module
DFPR1101 - Crafting the Moving Image DFPR1101 Module
DFPR1102 - Fiction: History and Production DFPR1102 Module
DFPR1103 - Introduction to Experimental Film DFPR1103 Module
DFPR1105 - Directing Performance for the Screen DFPR1105 Module
DFPR1106 - Storytelling and the Screen DFPR1106 Module
DFPR2101 - Specialist Production Skills DFPR2101 Module
DFPR2101E1 - Specialist Production Skills DFPR2101E1 Module
DFPR2102 - Single Camera Drama DFPR2102 Module
DFPR2103 - Experimental Film Production DFPR2103 Module
DFPR2104 - Factual Film DFPR2104 Module
DFPR2105 - Music Video Production DFPR2105 Module
DFPR2106 - Realism & Performance DFPR2106 Module
DFPR3101 - Final Project Pre-Production DFPR3101 Module
DFPR3102 - Final Production DFPR3102 Module
DFPR3103 - Professional Practice DFPR3103 Module
DFPR3104 - Factual Film Production DFPR3104 Module
DFPR3105 - Advance Specialism DFPR3105 Module
DFPR3106 - Extension Module DFPR3106 Module
DFPR3108 - Major Group Production DFPR3108 Module
DRAM1211 - Theatre & Communities DRAM1211 Module
DRAM1240 - Devising and Physical Theatre DRAM1240 Module
DRAM1241 - Plays and Contexts DRAM1241 Module
DRAM1242 - Visual Storytelling DRAM1242 Module
DRAM1243 - Acting Skills DRAM1243 Module
DRAM1244 - Theatre, Design & Production DRAM1244 Module
DRAM2200 - Directed Public Performance: Research & Development DRAM2200 Module
DRAM2201 - Directed Public Performance: Process, Production, Performance DRAM2201 Module
DRAM2202 - Applied Theatre in a Range of Community Contexts DRAM2202 Module
DRAM2204 - Devising and Adaptation DRAM2204 Module
DRAM2205 - Theatre & Digital Media DRAM2205 Module
DRAM2206 - Music Theatre DRAM2206 Module
DRAM2209 - Choreography and Performance DRAM2209 Module
DRAM2211 - Playwriting DRAM2211 Module
DRAM2214 - Physical Theatre DRAM2214 Module
DRAM2301 - Programming Touring Theatre DRAM2301 Module
DRAM2302 - Production, Programming and Producing Skills (subject to validation) DRAM2302 Module
DRAM3200 - Final Performance Project DRAM3200 Module
DRAM3201 - Independent Project (taken in one semester) DRAM3201 Module
DRAM3202 - Independent Research Project (taken in two semesters) DRAM3202 Module
DRAM3204 - Site Specific Performance DRAM3204 Module
DRAM3206 - Theatre & Learning Disability DRAM3206 Module
DRAM3207 - Staging Shakespeare Today DRAM3207 Module
DRAM3210 - Work Placement DRAM3210 Module
DRAM3211 - Writing for Performance DRAM3211 Module
DRAM3213 - Theatre & Education DRAM3213 Module
DRAM3214 - Sexuality in Performance DRAM3214 Module
DRAM3215 - Scenography: Specialist Project DRAM3215 Module
DRAM3216 - Professional Practice DRAM3216 Module
DRAM3220 - Touring Theatre to Schools and Colleges DRAM3220 Module
DRAM3222 - Dance: Styles and Techniques DRAM3222 Module
DRAM3304 - Festival Performance: Development DRAM3304 Module
DRAM4300 - Festival Performance: Production & Review DRAM4300 Module
DRAM4301 - Community Project DRAM4301 Module
DRAM4302 - Performance Lecture DRAM4302 Module
DRAM4303 - Independent Touring Project DRAM4303 Module
ELEC1001 - Computer Systems for Music ELEC1001 Module
ELEC1002 - MIDI and Audio Music Production ELEC1002 Module
ELEC1003 - Music Listening Skills ELEC1003 Module
ELEC1004 - Principles of Sound and Digital Audio ELEC1004 Module
ELEC1005 - Audio Production Techniques ELEC1005 Module
ELEC1006 - Creative Keyboard Techniques ELEC1006 Module
ELEC1007 - History of Electronic Music ELEC1007 Module
ELEC1008 - Studio Techniques and Practices ELEC1008 Module
ELEC2001 - Advanced Production Techniques ELEC2001 Module
ELEC2002 - Creative Synthesis ELEC2002 Module
ELEC2003 - Music for Audio-Visual Contexts ELEC2003 Module
ELEC2004 - Music Industry and Entrepreneurship ELEC2004 Module
ELEC2005 - Creative Mixing and Mastering Techniques ELEC2005 Module
ELEC2006 - Music Production Analysis ELEC2006 Module
ELEC2007 - Final Music Project ELEC2007 Module
FAPR1100 - Research: Looking through Writing FAPR1100 Module
FAPR1101 - Making: Space, Surface, Time FAPR1101 Module
FAPR1102 - Exhibition: DIY Publishing FAPR1102 Module
FAPR1103 - Site and Participation FAPR1103 Module
FAPR2100 - Research: Writing as Practice FAPR2100 Module
FAPR2100E1 - Research: Writing as Practice FAPR2100E1 Module
FAPR2101 - Making: Experimentation, Presentation, Reflection FAPR2101 Module
FAPR2101E1 - Making: Experimentation, Presentation, Reflection FAPR2101E1 Module
FAPR2102 - Exhibition: One Day Propositions FAPR2102 Module
FAPR2102E1 - Exhibition: One Day Propositions FAPR2102E1 Module
FAPR2103 - Site and Public Presentation FAPR2103 Module
FAPR2103E1 - Site and Public Presentation FAPR2103E1 Module
FAPR3100 - Making: Exit Portfolio FAPR3100 Module
FAPR3101 - Research: Critical Commentary FAPR3101 Module
FAPR3102 - Exhibition: Solo Shows FAPR3102 Module
FAPR3103 - Site and Context FAPR3103 Module
FAWP1400 - Participation: Connecting Spaces FAWP1400 Module
FLMS2010 - Film Genre Studies FLMS2010 Module
FLMS2010E - Film Genre Studies FLMS2010E Module
FLMS3001 - INDEPENDENT STUDY (taken in one semester) FLMS3001 Module
FLMS3111 - Quality TV - Debates and Innovations FLMS3111 Module
GAMA1100 - Game Art: Design, Theory and Concepts GAMA1100 Module
GAMA1101 - Game Construction I GAMA1101 Module
GAMA1102 - Game Construction II GAMA1102 Module
GAMA1103 - Core Skills 2D: Drawing & Digital Art GAMA1103 Module
GAMA1105 - Core Skills 3D: Props GAMA1105 Module
GAMA1106 - Core Skills 3D: Character Creation GAMA1106 Module
GAMA2000 - Game Art: Modelling, Rigging and Motion Capture GAMA2000 Module
GAMA2001 - Game Production And UX Design GAMA2001 Module
GAMA2002 - Game Art Environments GAMA2002 Module
GAMA2003 - Production Design GAMA2003 Module
GAMA2004 - Digital Sculpting GAMA2004 Module
GAMA2005 - Game Art Environments GAMA2005 Module
GAMA2006 - UI Design GAMA2006 Module
GAMA2007 - Game Development GAMA2007 Module
GAMA3000 - Game Art Portfolio Project GAMA3000 Module
GAMA3003 - Professional Practice I GAMA3003 Module
GAMA3004 - Game Development Group Project GAMA3004 Module
GAMA3005 - Supplementary Skills for Game Artists GAMA3005 Module
GAMA3013 - Pre-Production Practices GAMA3013 Module
GDAM1400 - The Big Advertising Idea GDAM1400 Module
GDES1001 - Multimedia in Context GDES1001 Module
GDES1010 - Design: Skills and Theory GDES1010 Module
GDES1011 - Creative Digital Imaging & Typography GDES1011 Module
GDES1012 - Creative Digital Imaging GDES1012 Module
GDES1013 - Creative Typography GDES1013 Module
GDES1014 - Concept Visualisation GDES1014 Module
GDES2000 - Graphic Design for Internet & Multimedia GDES2000 Module
GDES2010 - Graphic Design for Print GDES2010 Module
GDES2011 - Graphic Design: Publication GDES2011 Module
GDES2012 - Graphic Design: Design Information GDES2012 Module
GDES2014 - Children's Book Design GDES2014 Module
GDES2100 - Graphic Design for Internet and Multimedia: Planning GDES2100 Module
GDES2200 - Graphic Design for Internet and Multimedia: Production GDES2200 Module
GDES3003 - Green Design GDES3003 Module
GDES3010 - Major Project 1 GDES3010 Module
GDES3012 - Design Awards and Exhibition GDES3012 Module
GDES3013 - Live Brief GDES3013 Module
GDES3014 - Industry Collaboration GDES3014 Module
GDES3015 - Pressure Projects GDES3015 Module
ILTN1003 - Drawing for Illustrators ILTN1003 Module
ILTN1010 - Illustration and Printmaking ILTN1010 Module
ILTN1011 - Image Making ILTN1011 Module
ILTN1012 - Image & Meaning ILTN1012 Module
ILTN1013 - Illustration: Digital Processes ILTN1013 Module
ILTN1101 - Image and Text ILTN1101 Module
ILTN1104 - Illustration: Origins and Function 1 ILTN1104 Module
ILTN1105 - Illustration: Origins and Function 2 ILTN1105 Module
ILTN2001 - Visual Statement ILTN2001 Module
ILTN2011 - Sequential Illustration ILTN2011 Module
ILTN2012 - Illustration Forms and Genres ILTN2012 Module
ILTN2013 - Narrative Illustration ILTN2013 Module
ILTN2014 - Editorial & Advertising Illustration ILTN2014 Module
ILTN2015 - Book Arts and Creative Publishing ILTN2015 Module
ILTN2026 - Location Drawing/Reportage ILTN2026 Module
ILTN3009 - Illustration Professional Practice ILTN3009 Module
ILTN3010 - Contemporary Practice ILTN3010 Module
ILTN3011 - Authorial Practice ILTN3011 Module
ILTN3012 - Negotiated Project ILTN3012 Module
ILTN3014 - Negotiated Project 1 ILTN3014 Module
ILTN3102 - Final Research Project (Taken across two semesters) ILTN3102 Module
JOUR1000 - Introduction to Journalism JOUR1000 Module
JOUR1005 - Introduction to Feature Writing JOUR1005 Module
JOUR1006 - Introduction to Digital Techniques JOUR1006 Module
JOUR1008 - Introduction to Photojournalism JOUR1008 Module
JOUR1009 - Practical Journalism Skills (1) JOUR1009 Module
JOUR1010 - Journalism Law & Ethics JOUR1010 Module
JOUR2000 - Journalism, Law, Ethics and Society JOUR2000 Module
JOUR2000E1 - Journalism, Law, Ethics and Society JOUR2000E1 Module
JOUR2002 - Magazine Journalism JOUR2002 Module
JOUR2005 - Sports Journalism JOUR2005 Module
JOUR2006 - Reporting Politics (1) JOUR2006 Module
JOUR2007 - Developing Your Media Career JOUR2007 Module
JOUR2008 - Digital Reporting Techniques (2) JOUR2008 Module
JOUR2009 - Intermediate Feature Writing JOUR2009 Module
JOUR2010 - Digital Reporting Techniques (1) JOUR2010 Module
JOUR2011 - Practical Journalism Skills (2) JOUR2011 Module
JOUR3004 - Reporting Politics (2) JOUR3004 Module
JOUR3005 - Work Placement JOUR3005 Module
JOUR3007 - Advanced Journalism (Theory and Practice) JOUR3007 Module
JOUR3008 - Advanced Print Production JOUR3008 Module
JOUR3012 - Negotiated Project (2) (taken over two semesters) JOUR3012 Module
JOUR3014 - Live Radio News Production JOUR3014 Module
JOUR3015 - Live Television News Production JOUR3015 Module
JOUR3016 - Live News Production JOUR3016 Module
MUTH1000 - The Music Theatre Performer MUTH1000 Module
MUTH1001 - Making Musical Theatre MUTH1001 Module
PLAY1000 - Thinking Theatrically PLAY1000 Module
PLAY1001 - Staging Stories PLAY1001 Module
SCRN1000 - Scriptwriting: Ideas and Development SCRN1000 Module
SCRN1001 - Story Design and Analysis SCRN1001 Module
SCRN2000 - TV Scriptwriting: Concept and Development SCRN2000 Module
SCRN2002 - Developing the Feature Film SCRN2002 Module
SCRN2005 - Writing for Interactive Media SCRN2005 Module
SCRN2007 - Script Development Professional Practice SCRN2007 Module
SCRN2102 - Screen Adaptations: Texts and Platforms SCRN2102 Module
SCRN3000 - Scriptwriting Negotiated Project SCRN3000 Module
SCRN3001 - Independent Study (taken over 1 Semester) SCRN3001 Module
SCRN3002 - Independent Study (taken over 2 Semesters) SCRN3002 Module
SCRN3003 - Screenwriting: Final Project SCRN3003 Module
SCRN3004 - Scriptwriting Extended Project SCRN3004 Module
SCRN3005 - Radio and Television Comedy SCRN3005 Module
SCRN3006 - Industry Practices and Applications SCRN3006 Module
SCRN3007 - Advanced Professional Practice SCRN3007 Module
TVFP1000 - Television – Production and Form TVFP1000 Module
TVFP1001 - Post-1960’s Film and Television TVFP1001 Module

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