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Name Code Type
BMGT1000 - Customer Insight and Marketing BMGT1000 Module
BMGT1001 - Data Driven Decisions BMGT1001 Module
BMGT1002 - Generation Digital BMGT1002 Module
BMGT1100 - Introduction to Management Accounting BMGT1100 Module
BMGT1110 - Introduction to Financial Accounting BMGT1110 Module
BMGT1111 - Financial Management BMGT1111 Module
BMGT1120 - Law for Accounting and Finance BMGT1120 Module
BMGT1220 - Unlocking Individual Potential BMGT1220 Module
BMGT2000 - Integrated Marketing Communications BMGT2000 Module
BMGT2001 - Lifestyle Marketing BMGT2001 Module
BMGT2002 - Marketing Insight BMGT2002 Module
BMGT2010 - Essential PR BMGT2010 Module
BMGT2011 - PR and Campaigning BMGT2011 Module
BMGT2021 - Value Chain Management BMGT2021 Module
BMGT2100 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting BMGT2100 Module
BMGT2101 - Management Accounting BMGT2101 Module
BMGT2110 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting BMGT2110 Module
BMGT2111 - Financial Reporting BMGT2111 Module
BMGT2112 - Financial Markets and Investment BMGT2112 Module
BMGT2113 - The Global Economy: Institutions, Trade and Foreign Direct Investment BMGT2113 Module
BMGT2121 - Business Law: Rights and Obligations BMGT2121 Module
BMGT2130 - Micro Economics BMGT2130 Module
BMGT2131 - Macro Economics BMGT2131 Module
BMGT2200 - Managing Successful Projects BMGT2200 Module
BMGT2210 - Creating a High Performance Workforce BMGT2210 Module
BMGT2220 - Unlocking Organisational Potential BMGT2220 Module
BMGT2221 - Developing Employee Talent BMGT2221 Module
BMGT2222 - Selling and Sales Management BMGT2222 Module
BMGT2223 - Responsible Business BMGT2223 Module
BMGT2300 - Digital Content Systems and Ecommerce BMGT2300 Module
BMGT2301 - Social Commerce BMGT2301 Module
BMGT2320 - Cultivating the Entrepeneurial Mindset BMGT2320 Module
BMGT2321 - New Venture Formation BMGT2321 Module
BMGT2400 - Consultancy and Research Methods BMGT2400 Module
BMGT3000 - Digital and Social Media Marketing BMGT3000 Module
BMGT3001 - Brand Management BMGT3001 Module
BMGT3002 - International Marketing BMGT3002 Module
BMGT3003 - Customer Relationship Management BMGT3003 Module
BMGT3010 - Spin Doctors, Lobbyists & Other Hidden Persuaders BMGT3010 Module
BMGT3020 - Advertising and Digital Communications BMGT3020 Module
BMGT3100 - Advanced Management Accounting BMGT3100 Module
BMGT3110 - Advanced Financial Reporting BMGT3110 Module
BMGT3111 - Strategic Financial Management BMGT3111 Module
BMGT3112 - Corporate Reporting and Performance Management BMGT3112 Module
BMGT3113 - International Banking and Finance BMGT3113 Module
BMGT3114 - Audit and Ethics BMGT3114 Module
BMGT3115 - Strategic Business Management BMGT3115 Module
BMGT3116 - Taxation BMGT3116 Module
BMGT3130 - Applied Economics BMGT3130 Module
BMGT3200 - International Business Strategy BMGT3200 Module
BMGT3210 - Strategic Challenges for HRM BMGT3210 Module
BMGT3221 - Rethinking Organisational Values BMGT3221 Module
BMGT3222 - Intercultural Business Perspectives BMGT3222 Module
BMGT3300 - Digital Business BMGT3300 Module
BMGT3310 - The Next Big Thing BMGT3310 Module
BMGT3400 - Research Project BMGT3400 Module
BMGT3401 - Consultancy Project BMGT3401 Module
BMGT3402 - Business Investigation BMGT3402 Module
BMGT3404 - Work Placement BMGT3404 Module
BMGT3405 - Overseas Work Placement BMGT3405 Module
BMGT3420 - Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship BMGT3420 Module
BMGT4302 - XXXXX Marketing Management BMGT4302 Module
BMGT4303 - XXXXXX Marketing Communications BMGT4303 Module
BMGT4304 - XXXXX Operations and Value Chain Management BMGT4304 Module
BMGT4305 - XXXXX Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation BMGT4305 Module
BMGT4306 - XXXXX Global Strategy BMGT4306 Module
BMGT4307 - XXXXX Services Marketing BMGT4307 Module
BMGT4308 - XXXXX Financial Management BMGT4308 Module
BMGT4309 - XXXXX Managing Corporate Reputation BMGT4309 Module
BMGT4310 - XXXXX International Business BMGT4310 Module
BMGT4311 - XXXXX Managing the Supply Chain BMGT4311 Module
BMGT4312 - XXXXX Contract and Procurement BMGT4312 Module
BMGT4313 - XXXXX Risk and Quality Management BMGT4313 Module
BMGT4314 - XXXXX Project Management Theory and Practice BMGT4314 Module
BMGT4315 - XXXXX Cybersecurity and the Online Market BMGT4315 Module
BMGT4316 - XXXXX Business Information Systems BMGT4316 Module
BMGT4317 - XXXXX Managing Across Cultures BMGT4317 Module
BMGT4318 - XXXXX Managing for Sustainable Futures BMGT4318 Module
BMGT4319 - XXXXX Academic Skills Development BMGT4319 Module
BMGT4321 - XXXXX International HRM BMGT4321 Module
BMGT4322 - XXXXX Engaging the Diverse Workforce BMGT4322 Module
BMGT4323 - XXXXX Coaching and Mentoring BMGT4323 Module
BMGT4375 - XXXXX Research Methods BMGT4375 Module
BMGT4376 - XXXXX Research Project BMGT4376 Module
BOOT1111 - Business Startup Bootcamp BOOT1111 Module
BUSM1130 - Introduction to Professional Leadership and Personal Management BUSM1130 Module
BUSM1131 - Managing Communications in the Workplace BUSM1131 Module
BUSM1133 - Organisational Culture and Change BUSM1133 Module
BUSM1135 - Work Based Project BUSM1135 Module
BUSM2130 - Applied Leadership and Management BUSM2130 Module
BUSM2131 - Finance for Non Finance Managers BUSM2131 Module
BUSM2132 - Work Based Initiative (Management) BUSM2132 Module
BUSM2133 - Leading and Managing Teams and Individuals BUSM2133 Module
BUSM2134 - Mentoring and Coaching BUSM2134 Module
BUSM2813 - Business Entrepreneurship BUSM2813 Module
BUSM2814 - Integrated Project BUSM2814 Module
BUSM2902 - Effective Decision Making BUSM2902 Module
BUSM2906 - Managing Change Through Projects BUSM2906 Module
BUSM3019 - Managing Organisational Change BUSM3019 Module
BUSM3029 - International Business Strategy BUSM3029 Module
BUSM3039 - Intercultural Perspectives BUSM3039 Module
BUSM3049 - Business Project BUSM3049 Module
BUSM3059 - International Business Project BUSM3059 Module
BUSM3069 - Consultancy Project BUSM3069 Module
BUSM3119 - Collaborative Leadership BUSM3119 Module
BUSM3132 - Work Based Initiative (Leadership) BUSM3132 Module
BUSM3135 - Decision Making for Improved Performance BUSM3135 Module
BUSM3140 - Individual Incubation Project (Negotiated module) BUSM3140 Module
BUSM3141 - Individual Incubation Project (Investment Readiness / Growth project) BUSM3141 Module
BUSM3148 - International Trade (Negotiated module) BUSM3148 Module
BUSM3219 - Economics for Business BUSM3219 Module
BUSM3319 - Managing Emerging Issues BUSM3319 Module
BUSM3333 - Academic Skills Development (DE) BUSM3333 Module
BUSM3334 - Language Development for Academic skills for Top Up students only BUSM3334 Module
BUSM3419 - Strategic Marketing BUSM3419 Module
BUSM3439 - Brand Management BUSM3439 Module
BUSM3449 - International Marketing BUSM3449 Module
BUSM3509 - Strategic Financial Management BUSM3509 Module
BUSM3539 - International Banking & Finance BUSM3539 Module
BUSM3559 - Audit & Ethics (Accredited) BUSM3559 Module
BUSM3569 - Advanced Financial Reporting BUSM3569 Module
BUSM3579 - Advanced Management Accounting BUSM3579 Module
BUSM3589 - Corporate Reporting and Performance Management BUSM3589 Module
BUSM3619 - Contemporary Advertising: Apps, Guerrillas, Viral & More BUSM3619 Module
BUSM3629 - Advertising Campaign BUSM3629 Module
BUSM3719 - Spin Doctors, Lobbyists & Other Hidden Persuaders BUSM3719 Module
BUSM3819 - Innovation & Intrapreneurship BUSM3819 Module
BUSM3919 - Strategic Challenges of HRM BUSM3919 Module
BUSM3950 - Business Research Methods BUSM3950 Module
BUSM3951 - Business Strategy BUSM3951 Module
BUSM3952 - International Marketing Strategy BUSM3952 Module
BUSM3953 - Business Analysis and Decision Making BUSM3953 Module
BUSM3954 - Strategic Operations and Quality Management BUSM3954 Module
BUSM3955 - Management and Organisational Behaviour BUSM3955 Module
BUSM3956 - Business-to-Business Marketing BUSM3956 Module
BUSM3957 - Management Accounting and Finance BUSM3957 Module
BUSM4000 - Placement Module BUSM4000 Module
BUSM4005 - Research Methods (MBA) BUSM4005 Module
BUSM4006 - Dissertation (MBA) BUSM4006 Module
BUSM4205 - Research Methods BUSM4205 Module
BUSM4206 - Dissertation (ExMBA) BUSM4206 Module
BUSM4207 - Dissertation (ExMBA) BUSM4207 Module
BUSM4210 - Marketing Strategy BUSM4210 Module
BUSM4214 - Corporate Strategy BUSM4214 Module
BUSM4215 - Operational Strategy BUSM4215 Module
BUSM4217 - Attracting, Recruiting & Retaining Talent BUSM4217 Module
BUSM4218 - A Strategic Approach to Finance BUSM4218 Module
BUSM4219 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers BUSM4219 Module
BUSM4221 - Innovate to Win BUSM4221 Module
BUSM4246 - Performance Leadership BUSM4246 Module
BUSM4247 - Leading and Managing Change BUSM4247 Module
BUSM4248 - Coaching & Mentoring BUSM4248 Module
BUSM4249 - Managing Corporate Reputation BUSM4249 Module
BUSM4301 - Leadership and Change Management BUSM4301 Module
BUSM4302 - Strategic Marketing in the Digital Economy BUSM4302 Module
BUSM4303 - Corporate Intelligence BUSM4303 Module
BUSM4304 - International Operations Management BUSM4304 Module
BUSM4305 - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Delivering Change BUSM4305 Module
BUSM4306 - Strategy and Sustainability in the Global Economy BUSM4306 Module
BUSM4307 - Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management BUSM4307 Module
BUSM4308 - Financial Decision Making for Managers BUSM4308 Module
BUSM4322 - Engaging the Diverse Workforce BUSM4322 Module
BUSM4323 - Coaching and Mentoring for Business Leaders BUSM4323 Module
BUSM4375 - Research Methods BUSM4375 Module
BUSM4376 - Dissertation BUSM4376 Module
BUSM4444 - Academic Skills Development (DE) BUSM4444 Module
COMP1421 - Foundations of Computing COMP1421 Module
COMP1431 - Introduction to Game Design and Development COMP1431 Module
COMP1441 - Web Technologies COMP1441 Module
COMP1442 - Creative Computing COMP1442 Module
COMP1447 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming COMP1447 Module
COMP1482 - IT Systems Fundamentals COMP1482 Module
COMP2303 - Computer Science: Embedded Systems COMP2303 Module
COMP2311 - Systems Analysis & Design COMP2311 Module
COMP2311E - Systems Analysis COMP2311E Module
COMP2322 - Networks in Organisations COMP2322 Module
COMP2331 - Object Oriented Design & Development COMP2331 Module
COMP2341 - Web Applications Development COMP2341 Module
COMP2341E - Web Applications Development COMP2341E Module
COMP2351 - Game Design & Engineering COMP2351 Module
COMP2361 - Mobile Applications Development COMP2361 Module
COMP2361E - Mobile applications development COMP2361E Module
COMP2372 - Professional Development & Practice COMP2372 Module
COMP2373 - Cyber Hacking & Counter Hacking COMP2373 Module
COMP2374 - Cryptography Techniques and Applications COMP2374 Module
COMP2375 - Network Implementation and Systems Security COMP2375 Module
COMP2376 - Protecting Web Applications COMP2376 Module
COMP2377 - Cyber Security Standards COMP2377 Module
COMP2378 - Implementing Information Security Management Systems COMP2378 Module
COMP2381 - E-business COMP2381 Module
COMP2381E - E-business COMP2381E Module
COMP2403 - Robotics COMP2403 Module
COMP2411 - Systems Analysis and Design COMP2411 Module
COMP2421 - Distributed Systems COMP2421 Module
COMP2431 - Object Oriented Design & Development COMP2431 Module
COMP2441 - Web Application Development COMP2441 Module
COMP2443 - Advanced Creative Computing COMP2443 Module
COMP2445 - Data Mining COMP2445 Module
COMP2451 - Game Design and Engineering COMP2451 Module
COMP2461 - Mobile Application Development COMP2461 Module
COMP2462 - Interaction Design COMP2462 Module
COMP2812 - Database Development and Scripting COMP2812 Module
COMP2814 - Applied Computing Project COMP2814 Module
COMP3003 - Web Development Projects COMP3003 Module
COMP3004 - Game Design and Development Project COMP3004 Module
COMP3006 - Business Information Technology Project COMP3006 Module
COMP3008 - Computing Project COMP3008 Module
COMP3253 - Advanced Game Engineering COMP3253 Module
COMP3302 - Nature of Computing COMP3302 Module
COMP3303 - Elements of Computer Science COMP3303 Module
COMP3304 - Advanced Object Oriented Programming COMP3304 Module
COMP3305 - Applied Drone Technology COMP3305 Module
COMP3341 - Advanced Web Applications Development COMP3341 Module
COMP3351 - Advanced Game Design & Engineering COMP3351 Module
COMP3352 - Modelling and Simulation COMP3352 Module
COMP3357 - Managing Cyber Risks COMP3357 Module
COMP3361 - Mobile Application Development COMP3361 Module
COMP3371 - CyberSecurity COMP3371 Module
COMP3381 - E-business COMP3381 Module
COMP3391 - Practical Database Applications COMP3391 Module
FDBP2005 - Transforming Organisational Performance through Technology FDBP2005 Module
FDBP2096 - Ethics and Contemporary Issues FDBP2096 Module
FDBP2097 - Work-based Project FDBP2097 Module
FDBP2098 - The Business Challenge FDBP2098 Module
FDBP2101 - Marketing Function & Practice FDBP2101 Module
FDBP2202 - Accounting FDBP2202 Module
FDBP2303 - Human Resource Management FDBP2303 Module
FDPE1111 - Introduction to Pensions Schemes FDPE1111 Module
FDPE1112 - Pensions Payroll FDPE1112 Module
FDPE1113 - Roles and Responsibilities FDPE1113 Module
FDPE1114 - Accruing and Improving Benefits FDPE1114 Module
FDPE1227 - Leaving the Scheme Early FDPE1227 Module
FDPE1229 - Retirement and Death Benefits FDPE1229 Module
FDPE2221 - Human Resources and Communication FDPE2221 Module
FDPE2333 - Pensions Policy and Strategy FDPE2333 Module
FDPE2336 - Work based project FDPE2336 Module
FDPP1111 - Introduction to Payroll and Pension FDPP1111 Module
FDPP1112 - Assessment of pay and benefits FDPP1112 Module
FDPP1113 - Deductions from pay FDPP1113 Module
FDPP1114 - Absence processing FDPP1114 Module
FDPP1115 - Working in a team FDPP1115 Module
FDPP1226 - Provision of effective & efficient administration FDPP1226 Module
FDPP1227 - Contractual aspects of payroll administration FDPP1227 Module
FDPP1228 - Leading the team FDPP1228 Module
FDPP2221 - Advanced payroll processing FDPP2221 Module
FDPP2222 - Define and manage systems, security and risk FDPP2222 Module
FDPP2333 - Flexible benefits, finance and budgets FDPP2333 Module
FDPP2334 - Improving services and operations FDPP2334 Module
FDPP2335 - Understanding customers and clients FDPP2335 Module
FDPP2336 - Work-based project (double module) FDPP2336 Module
FDPP2337 - Personal effectiveness and professional development FDPP2337 Module
MAPP4103 - Leadership and Organisation Research Project MAPP4103 Module
WORC3000 - Third Year Abroad WORC3000 Module

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