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Name Code Type
CRMN1001 - Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice CRMN1001 Module
CRMN1004 - Contextualising Criminal Justice 1: The Legislative Context CRMN1004 Module
CRMN1005 - Contextualising Criminal Justice 2: Policy and Politics CRMN1005 Module
CRMN1008 - Families and Criminality CRMN1008 Module
CRMN1009 - Evidence-Based Policing CRMN1009 Module
CRMN1010 - Individual Differences in Criminal Justice Practice CRMN1010 Module
CRMN2002 - Theory, Research and Practice: Developing a Criminological Perspective CRMN2002 Module
CRMN2002E1 - Theory, Research and Practice: Developing a Criminological Perspective CRMN2002E1 Module
CRMN2003 - Crime, Race, Gender and Risk CRMN2003 Module
CRMN2103 - Media and Crime CRMN2103 Module
CRMN2104 - Delivering Rehabilitation CRMN2104 Module
CRMN2105 - Policing in England and Wales CRMN2105 Module
CRMN2106 - Prisons and Punishment CRMN2106 Module
CRMN2110 - Black Box Thinking and Emotional Intelligence: Crime investigation CRMN2110 Module
CRMN3002 - Independent Study CRMN3002 Module
CRMN3004 - Crime Prevention and Community Safety CRMN3004 Module
CRMN3005 - Mental Health in the Context of Offending Behaviour and the Criminal Justice System CRMN3005 Module
CRMN3006 - Domestic Abuse CRMN3006 Module
CRMN3105 - Children, Young People and Crime CRMN3105 Module
CRMN3106 - Terrorism and Extremism CRMN3106 Module
CRMN3108 - Public Protection & multi-agency working CRMN3108 Module
CRMN3109 - Victims and Vulnerability CRMN3109 Module
CRMN3110 - Cybercrime and Internet Security CRMN3110 Module
CRMN3113 - Substance Misuse CRMN3113 Module
IMPP4001 - Perspectives on Positive Psychology Coaching IMPP4001 Module
IMPP4002 - Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice IMPP4002 Module
MATI4006 - Developments in Evidence-Based Therapeutic Interventions MATI4006 Module
MCOU4001 - Theory for Practice: Towards an Integrative Approach MCOU4001 Module
MCOU4003 - Managing the Therapeutic Relationship and Change MCOU4003 Module
MCOU4004 - The Professional, Political and Social Context of Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Practice MCOU4004 Module
MDVM4001 - Theoretical Perspectives on Gender, Violence and Interpersonal Relationships MDVM4001 Module
MDVM4002 - The Cost of Domestic Violence MDVM4002 Module
MDVM4003 - Recognition and Response MDVM4003 Module
MDVM4006 - Dissertation MDVM4006 Module
MPSY4000 - Dissertation MPSY4000 Module
MPSY4002 - Advanced Research Analysis 1 MPSY4002 Module
MPSY4005 - Advanced Research Analysis 2 MPSY4005 Module
MPSY4010 - Psychology of Mental Health MPSY4010 Module
MPSY4040 - Psychological Assessment at Work MPSY4040 Module
MPSY4042 - Well-being and work MPSY4042 Module
MPSY4043 - Work design, organizational change and development MPSY4043 Module
MPSY4044 - Leadership engagement and motivation MPSY4044 Module
MPSY4045 - Learning, training and development MPSY4045 Module
MPSY4099 - Clinical Supervision of EMDR Professional Practice MPSY4099 Module
MPSY4150 - Social Psychology MPSY4150 Module
MPSY4151 - Developmental Psychology MPSY4151 Module
MPSY4152 - Bio Psychology MPSY4152 Module
MPSY4153 - Cognitive Psychology MPSY4153 Module
MPSY4154 - Individual Differences MPSY4154 Module
MPSY4160 - EMDR Europe Training Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 MPSY4160 Module
MPSY4161 - EMDR with Complex Clinical Populations MPSY4161 Module
MPSY4162 - Wider Applications of EMDR through Scripted Protocols MPSY4162 Module
MPSY4163 - Current Issues in EMDR Practice & Research - A Negotiated Independent Learning Module MPSY4163 Module
MPSY4167 - Professional Skills Development MPSY4167 Module
MPSY4180 - Well-being and Work MPSY4180 Module
MPSY4181 - Leadership, engagement and motivation MPSY4181 Module
MPSY4182 - Advanced Research Methods 1 MPSY4182 Module
MPSY4184 - Advanced Research Analysis 2 MPSY4184 Module
MPSY4185 - Psychological Assessment at Work MPSY4185 Module
MPSY4186 - Work design, organisational change and development MPSY4186 Module
MPSY4187 - Learning, Training and Development MPSY4187 Module
MPTH4003 - Dissertation MPTH4003 Module
PSYC1430 - Introduction to Psychology PSYC1430 Module
PSYC1431 - Psychological Research Methods 1 PSYC1431 Module
PSYC1434 - Introduction to Forensic Psychology PSYC1434 Module
PSYC1437 - Introduction to studying psychology PSYC1437 Module
PSYC2504 - Developmental Psychology PSYC2504 Module
PSYC2530 - Biological & Cognitive Psychology PSYC2530 Module
PSYC2530E1 - Cognitive Psychology PSYC2530E1 Module
PSYC2531 - Social & Developmental Psychology PSYC2531 Module
PSYC2531E1 - Social Psychology PSYC2531E1 Module
PSYC2532 - Psychological Research Methods 2 PSYC2532 Module
PSYC2533 - Individual Differences PSYC2533 Module
PSYC2537 - Evolution and Human Behaviour PSYC2537 Module
PSYC2538 - Diversity and Inclusivity in Psychology PSYC2538 Module
PSYC2540 - Applied Psychological Science PSYC2540 Module
PSYC3613 - Positive Psychology PSYC3613 Module
PSYC3631 - Psychology Research Project PSYC3631 Module
PSYC3633 - Business Psychology PSYC3633 Module
PSYC3634 - Clinical Psychology PSYC3634 Module
PSYC3635 - Coaching Psychology PSYC3635 Module
PSYC3636 - Counselling Psychology PSYC3636 Module
PSYC3637 - Educational Psychology PSYC3637 Module
PSYC3638 - Forensic Psychology PSYC3638 Module
PSYC3639 - Health Psychology PSYC3639 Module
PSYC3641 - Professional and Ethical Issues in Counselling PSYC3641 Module
PSYC3642 - Interpersonal Communication Processes and Skills PSYC3642 Module
PSYC3643 - Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology PSYC3643 Module
PSYC3644 - Transitions Across the Lifespan PSYC3644 Module
PSYC3645 - Applied Sports Psychology PSYC3645 Module
PSYC3646 - Forensic Psychology in Practice PSYC3646 Module
PSYC3647 - Psychology and the Law PSYC3647 Module
PSYC3649 - Mental Health and Mental Illness PSYC3649 Module
PSYC3650 - Approaches to Treatment PSYC3650 Module
PSYC3651 - Cyberpsychology PSYC3651 Module
PSYE2530 - Cognitive Psychology PSYE2530 Module

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