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Name Code Type
DACP1002 - Dance Composition 1 DACP1002 Module
DACP1004 - Dance, Health and Wellbeing DACP1004 Module
DACP1005 - Dance Styles DACP1005 Module
DACP1006 - Technique and Performance 1 DACP1006 Module
DACP1007 - Professional Practice 1 DACP1007 Module
DACP2001 - Somatic Dance Techniques DACP2001 Module
DACP2001E - Somatic Dance Techniques (Exchange) DACP2001E Module
DACP2002E - Advanced Dance Composition DACP2002E Module
DACP2003E - Choreographic portfolio DACP2003E Module
DACP2006 - Analysing Performance in Dance DACP2006 Module
DACP2007 - Technique and Performance 2 DACP2007 Module
DACP2008 - Professional Practice 2 DACP2008 Module
DACP2009 - Teaching and Leading Dance DACP2009 Module
DACP2010 - Dance Composition 2 DACP2010 Module
DACP2011 - Repertoire DACP2011 Module
DACP3002 - Independent Project DACP3002 Module
DACP3003 - Integrating Dance Practices DACP3003 Module
DACP3004 - The Working Professional DACP3004 Module
DACP3005 - Work Based Learning DACP3005 Module
DACP3006 - Dance and Technology DACP3006 Module
DACP3007 - Dance and the Camera DACP3007 Module
DACP3008 - Application of Learning Theory in Dance DACP3008 Module
FBMC1001 - Work Based Learning - Coaching Context FBMC1001 Module
FBMC1002 - Introduction to the Business of Football FBMC1002 Module
FBMC1003 - Principles of Coaching FBMC1003 Module
FBMC1004 - Football in the Community FBMC1004 Module
FBMC1005 - Science of Football FBMC1005 Module
FBMC1006 - Disability and Inclusion within Football FBMC1006 Module
FBMC2001 - Work Based Learning - Business/Football Context FBMC2001 Module
FBMC2002 - The Business of Football - Project Management FBMC2002 Module
FBMC2003 - Coaching for Performance FBMC2003 Module
FBMC2004 - Football in a Global Context FBMC2004 Module
FBMC2005 - Analysis of Performance/Skill Acquisition FBMC2005 Module
FBMC2006 - Current Issues within Football FBMC2006 Module
FDEW1001 - Functional Anatomy and Physiology FDEW1001 Module
FDEW1002 - Physical Activity, Exercise and Nutrition FDEW1002 Module
FDEW1003 - Foundations of Exercise and Wellness Management FDEW1003 Module
FDEW1004 - Work-Based Learning - Professional Practice FDEW1004 Module
FDEW1005 - Exercise Psychology FDEW1005 Module
FDEW1006 - Innovative Exercise Environments FDEW1006 Module
FDEW2001 - Corporate Wellness Management FDEW2001 Module
FDEW2002 - Operational Management FDEW2002 Module
FDEW2003 - Exercise and Wellness Research Skills and Project FDEW2003 Module
FDEW2004 - Work-Based Learning - Reflective Professional Practice FDEW2004 Module
FDEW2005 - Strategic Community Engagement FDEW2005 Module
FDEW2006 - Exercise, Training and Prescription FDEW2006 Module
FSLM1001 - Academic Study Skills FSLM1001 Module
FSLM1002 - Sports Coaching FSLM1002 Module
FSLM1003 - Outdoor Leadership FSLM1003 Module
FSLM1004 - Sport and Leisure in a Modern Context FSLM1004 Module
FSLM1005 - Preparing for the Sports Industry FSLM1005 Module
FSLM1006 - Investigate Sports Tourism FSLM1006 Module
FSLM1007 - Sports Marketing FSLM1007 Module
FSLM1008 - Managing and Leading People in Sport FSLM1008 Module
FSLM2001 - Research Methods FSLM2001 Module
FSLM2002 - Professional Career Development and Placement FSLM2002 Module
FSLM2003 - Sports Coaching in Practice FSLM2003 Module
FSLM2004 - A Sporting Enterprise FSLM2004 Module
FSLM2005 - Sports Policy, Politics and Planning FSLM2005 Module
FSLM2006 - Sports Event Management FSLM2006 Module
FSLM2007 - Managing Sports Regeneration FSLM2007 Module
FSPO2002 - Work Related Project FSPO2002 Module
FSPO2003 - Applied Sports Coaching (Industry Based) FSPO2003 Module
FSPO2007 - Regeneration in Sports (Tourism) FSPO2007 Module
HCPE1001 - Scientific Foundations of Sport HCPE1001 Module
HCPE1002 - Introduction to Sports Coaching HCPE1002 Module
HCPE1003 - Disability in Sport and PE HCPE1003 Module
HCPE1004 - Introduction to Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport HCPE1004 Module
HCPE1006 - Sport in the UK HCPE1006 Module
HCPE2001 - Application of Scientific Principles in Sport HCPE2001 Module
HCPE2002 - Pedagogy and Practice in Sports Coaching and Physical Education HCPE2002 Module
HCPE2003 - Research Methods HCPE2003 Module
HCPE2004 - Contemporary Issues in Sport HCPE2004 Module
HCPE2005 - Using Performance Analysis in Sport and PE HCPE2005 Module
HCPE2006 - Work-Based Learning: Sport, Coaching and Physical Education HCPE2006 Module
HCPE2007 - Physical Activity and Health in Sport HCPE2007 Module
HSPC1001 - Foundations of Sport (Psycho-Social) HSPC1001 Module
HSPC1002 - Foundations of Sport (Physiology) HSPC1002 Module
HSPC1003 - Introduction to the Principles of Sports Coaching HSPC1003 Module
HSPC1004 - Training for Sport HSPC1004 Module
HSPC1005 - Foundations of Sport (Practical Kinesiology) HSPC1005 Module
HSPC1006 - Introduction to Motor Learning & Skill Acquisition HSPC1006 Module
HSPC1007 - Physical Activity, Exercise & Health HSPC1007 Module
HSPC1008 - Partnerships & Sports Coaching Placements HSPC1008 Module
HSPC2001 - Research Methods HSPC2001 Module
HSPC2002 - Scientific Approaches to Sports Coaching HSPC2002 Module
HSPC2003 - Sports Nutrition HSPC2003 Module
HSPC2004 - Health Based Exercise Testing & Prescription HSPC2004 Module
HSPC2005 - Invasion Sports HSPC2005 Module
HSPC2006 - Sport Event Project Management HSPC2006 Module
HSPC2007 - Effective Coaching HSPC2007 Module
HSPC2008 - Sports Performance Analysis HSPC2008 Module
MAOE4001 - Professional Development Profiling MAOE4001 Module
MAOE4003 - Work based project A MAOE4003 Module
MAOE4004 - Work based project B MAOE4004 Module
MAOE4005 - Work based project C MAOE4005 Module
MAOE4006 - Reflecting on Practice and Research MAOE4006 Module
MAOE4010 - Dissertation MAOE4010 Module
MAOE4101 - Professional Development Profiling MAOE4101 Module
MAOE4102 - Theoretical Approaches to Outdoor Education MAOE4102 Module
MAOE4103 - Work Based Project A MAOE4103 Module
MAOE4104 - Work Based Project B MAOE4104 Module
MAOE4105 - Extended Work Based Project C MAOE4105 Module
MAOE4106 - Reflecting on Practice and Research MAOE4106 Module
MAOE4110 - Dissertation MAOE4110 Module
MAOE4167 - Research Methods in Outdoor Education MAOE4167 Module
MSPO4003 - Philosophy and Practice of Sports Coaching MSPO4003 Module
MSPO4004 - Scientific Concepts of Sports Coaching MSPO4004 Module
MSPO4010 - Dissertation MSPO4010 Module
MSPO4013 - Professional placement MSPO4013 Module
MSPO4020 - Dissertation MSPO4020 Module
MSPO4026 - Applied Professional Placement MSPO4026 Module
MSPO4030 - Dissertation MSPO4030 Module
MSPO4031 - Research Methods MSPO4031 Module
MSPO4032 - Limits to Human Performance MSPO4032 Module
MSPO4033 - Assessing Human Performance MSPO4033 Module
MSPO4034 - Enhancing Human Performance MSPO4034 Module
MSPO4035 - Professional Placement MSPO4035 Module
MSPO4041 - Research Thesis Preparation MSPO4041 Module
MSPO4045 - MRes Sociocultural Studies of Sport and Exercise Thesis MSPO4045 Module
MSPO4050 - Dissertation MSPO4050 Module
MSPO4052 - Analysing Sport Performance MSPO4052 Module
MSPO4053 - Contemporary Issues in Performance Analysis MSPO4053 Module
MSPO4054 - Personal Development Profiling MSPO4054 Module
MSPO4055 - Work Based Learning 1 MSPO4055 Module
MSPO4056 - Work Based Learning 2 MSPO4056 Module
MSPO4065 - Leaders in Sport MSPO4065 Module
MSPO4066 - Global Sport Impacts MSPO4066 Module
MSPO4067 - Research Methods MSPO4067 Module
MSPO4068 - Professional Placement MSPO4068 Module
MSPO4070 - Professional placement MSPO4070 Module
MSPO4072 - Inclusive Coaching and Disability Sport MSPO4072 Module
MSPO4073 - Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching MSPO4073 Module
MSPO4074 - Analysing Sport Performance MSPO4074 Module
MSPO4076 - Independent Study MSPO4076 Module
MSPO4130 - Applied Sports Science Dissertation MSPO4130 Module
MSPO4131 - Research Methods in Applied Sports Science MSPO4131 Module
MSPO4132 - Assessing the Limits to Human Performance MSPO4132 Module
MSPO4134 - Enhancing Human Performance MSPO4134 Module
MSPO4135 - Applied Sports Science Professional Placement MSPO4135 Module
MSPO4136 - Applied Sports Science Project MSPO4136 Module
MSPO4141 - Research Thesis Preparation MSPO4141 Module
MSPO4150 - Dissertation MSPO4150 Module
MSPO4152 - Analysing Sport Performance MSPO4152 Module
MSPO4153 - Contemporary Issues in Performance Analysis MSPO4153 Module
MSPO4154 - The Role of the Analyst MSPO4154 Module
MSPO4155 - Work Based Project MSPO4155 Module
MSPO4157 - Skill Acquisition & Player Learning MSPO4157 Module
MSPO4232 - Assessing the Limits to Human Performance MSPO4232 Module
MSPO4234 - Enhancing Human Performance MSPO4234 Module
MSPO4252 - Evidence-Informed Performance Analysis MSPO4252 Module
MSPO4253 - Future Directions in Performance Analysis of Sport MSPO4253 Module
MSPO4254 - The Role of the Analyst MSPO4254 Module
MSPO4263 - Critical Issues in International Sport Management MSPO4263 Module
MSPO4265 - Leading People in Sport MSPO4265 Module
MSPO4266 - The Global Sports Business MSPO4266 Module
MSPO4270 - Professional Placement MSPO4270 Module
MSPO4271 - Athlete and Coach Learning MSPO4271 Module
MSPO4273 - Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching MSPO4273 Module
MSPO4276 - Sports Research Project MSPO4276 Module
MSPO4281 - Advanced Contemporary Issues in Disability Sports, Coaching and SEND PE MSPO4281 Module
MSPO4282 - Applied Pedagogy and Practice in APA MSPO4282 Module
OALM1008 - Weather and Climate OALM1008 Module
OALM1009 - Foundations of Outdoor Adventure OALM1009 Module
OALM1010 - Water Based Personal Skills OALM1010 Module
OALM1011 - Land-Based Personal Skills. OALM1011 Module
OALM1012 - Foundations of Outdoor Learning OALM1012 Module
OALM1013 - Land-Based Personal Skills OALM1013 Module
OALM1014 - Safety Management OALM1014 Module
OALM2001 - Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Learning OALM2001 Module
OALM2004 - Work-Based Learning (Outdoor Adventure Leadership & Management) OALM2004 Module
OALM2009 - The Research Process (Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management) OALM2009 Module
OALM2009E1 - The Research Process (Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management) OALM2009E1 Module
OALM2009E2 - The Research Process (Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management) OALM2009E2 Module
OALM2010 - Scientific Approaches to Outdoor Adventure Performance OALM2010 Module
OALM2010E1 - Scientific Approaches to Outdoor Adventure Performance OALM2010E1 Module
OALM2010E2 - Scientific Approaches to Outdoor Adventure Performance (Physiology) OALM2010E2 Module
OALM2011 - Water Based Coaching OALM2011 Module
OALM2012 - Land Based Leadership OALM2012 Module
OALM2013 - Water-Based Personal Skills OALM2013 Module
OALM2013E - Water-Based Personal Skills OALM2013E Module
OALM2014 - Facilitation and Reviewing OALM2014 Module
OALM2015 - Work-Based Learning OALM2015 Module
OALM2016 - Weather and Climate OALM2016 Module
OALM3051 - Expedition Studies OALM3051 Module
OALM3054 - Adventure Tourism OALM3054 Module
OALM3055 - Contemporary Issues in Outdoor Adventure OALM3055 Module
OALM3056 - Advanced Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Learning OALM3056 Module
OALM3057 - Outdoor Adventure and Diverse Populations OALM3057 Module
OALM3058 - Environmental Approaches to Outdoor Adventure OALM3058 Module
OALM3059 - Outdoor Activities and the Natural Environment. OALM3059 Module
OALM3060 - Negotiated Learning Project (OALM) OALM3060 Module
OALM3061 - Contemporary Issues in Outdoor Education OALM3061 Module
OALM3062 - Residential Experience OALM3062 Module
SCPE1001 - Scientific Foundations of Sports Coaching & Physical Education SCPE1001 Module
SCPE1002 - Introduction to Sports Coaching SCPE1002 Module
SCPE1003 - Teaching Primary Physical Education SCPE1003 Module
SCPE1004 - Investigative Skills SCPE1004 Module
SCPE1005 - Introduction to Motor Learning & Skill Acquisition SCPE1005 Module
SCPE1006 - Principles of Inclusive Sports Coaching & Physical Education SCPE1006 Module
SCPE2001 - Application of Scientific Principles in Sports Coaching & Physical Education SCPE2001 Module
SCPE2002 - Pedagogy & Practice in Sports Coaching & Physical Education SCPE2002 Module
SCPE2003 - Vocational Placement SCPE2003 Module
SCPE2004 - Applied Investigative Skills SCPE2004 Module
SCPE2005 - Physical Activity, Health & Exercise SCPE2005 Module
SPRT1005 - Introduction to Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition SPRT1005 Module
SPRT1010 - Sport Risk Management SPRT1010 Module
SPRT1013 - Physical Activity, Exercise and Health SPRT1013 Module
SPRT1021 - Body and Mind in Sport and Exercise SPRT1021 Module
SPRT1022 - Foundations of Human Movement SPRT1022 Module
SPRT1023 - Exercise Training and Prescription SPRT1023 Module
SPRT1024 - Principles of Inclusive Sports Coaching SPRT1024 Module
SPRT1027 - Adapted Physical Activity, Sport and Disability SPRT1027 Module
SPRT1030 - Introduction to Physical Education SPRT1030 Module
SPRT1036 - Sports Coaching: Intrapersonal Skills SPRT1036 Module
SPRT1037 - Introduction to the Scientific Study of Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity SPRT1037 Module
SPRT1038 - Introduction to the Sport Industry SPRT1038 Module
SPRT1039 - Dance and Gymnastics in Primary Schools SPRT1039 Module
SPRT1040 - Fundamentals of Sport Marketing SPRT1040 Module
SPRT1041 - Scientific Principles in Teaching and Coaching SPRT1041 Module
SPRT1042 - OAA in the Curriculum SPRT1042 Module
SPRT1043 - Physical Activity, Health and Games SPRT1043 Module
SPRT1044 - Psychology of Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity SPRT1044 Module
SPRT1045 - Physiology of Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity SPRT1045 Module
SPRT1046 - Professional Skills for Sport & Exercise Scientists SPRT1046 Module
SPRT1047 - Sport Management Intrapersonal Skills SPRT1047 Module
SPRT2011 - School-Based Learning SPRT2011 Module
SPRT2012 - Swimming and Outdoor Adventurous Activities SPRT2012 Module
SPRT2013 - Sport Event Operations SPRT2013 Module
SPRT2015 - Sponsorship and Fundraising SPRT2015 Module
SPRT2020 - Motor Skill Progression SPRT2020 Module
SPRT2022 - Sports Nutrition SPRT2022 Module
SPRT2030 - Contemporary Issues and Research in Sport and Exercise Science SPRT2030 Module
SPRT2030E1 - Contemporary Issues and Research in Sport and Exercise Science SPRT2030E1 Module
SPRT2031 - Scientific Underpinnings of Sport Performance SPRT2031 Module
SPRT2031E1 - Scientific Underpinnings of Sport Performance SPRT2031E1 Module
SPRT2032 - Scientific Underpinnings of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health SPRT2032 Module
SPRT2032E1 - Scientific Underpinnings of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health SPRT2032E1 Module
SPRT2033 - Strength, Power and Speed SPRT2033 Module
SPRT2034 - Coaching Pedagogy and Practice SPRT2034 Module
SPRT2034E1 - Coaching Pedagogy and Practice SPRT2034E1 Module
SPRT2035 - The Research Process SPRT2035 Module
SPRT2037 - Sport and Disability SPRT2037 Module
SPRT2038 - Sport Operational Management SPRT2038 Module
SPRT2038E1 - Sport Operational Management SPRT2038E1 Module
SPRT2039 - Sport Operational Development SPRT2039 Module
SPRT2039E - Sport Operational Development SPRT2039E Module
SPRT2040 - Learning and Teaching in Physical Education SPRT2040 Module
SPRT2040E1 - Learning and Teaching in Physical Education SPRT2040E1 Module
SPRT2041 - Teaching Gymnastics and Dance in Secondary Schools SPRT2041 Module
SPRT2042 - Teaching Special Education Needs and Disability PE in Schools SPRT2042 Module
SPRT2045 - Historical and Sociological Perspectives in Sport and Exercise SPRT2045 Module
SPRT2045E1 - Historical and Sociological Perspectives in Sport and Exercise SPRT2045E1 Module
SPRT2049 - Scientific Analysis of Sports Coaching SPRT2049 Module
SPRT2049E1 - Scientific Analysis of Sports Coaching SPRT2049E1 Module
SPRT2050 - Scientific Analysis of Disability Coaching SPRT2050 Module
SPRT2050E - Scientific Analysis of Disability Coaching SPRT2050E Module
SPRT2053 - Sport Business Professional Placement SPRT2053 Module
SPRT2053E - Sport Business Professional Placement SPRT2053E Module
SPRT2054 - Sport Consumers SPRT2054 Module
SPRT2056 - Sports Coaching Interpersonal Skills SPRT2056 Module
SPRT2057 - Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching SPRT2057 Module
SPRT2058 - Performance Analysis SPRT2058 Module
SPRT2059 - Nutrition for Sport & Exercise SPRT2059 Module
SPRT2060 - Introduction to Strength and Conditioning SPRT2060 Module
SPRT2061 - Learning and Teaching through Games SPRT2061 Module
SPRT2062 - Teaching Gymnastics in Secondary Schools SPRT2062 Module
SPRT2063 - Advanced Scientific Principles in Teaching and Coaching SPRT2063 Module
SPRT2064 - Swimming, Lifesaving and Risk SPRT2064 Module
SPRT2065 - Creating Successful Research SPRT2065 Module
SPRT2066 - Creating Successful Research to Inform Practice SPRT2066 Module
SPRT2067 - Teaching Dance in Secondary Schools SPRT2067 Module
SPRT2068 - Management and Leadership in Sport SPRT2068 Module
SPRT2069 - Creating Successful Research in Sport & Exercise Science SPRT2069 Module
SPRT2070 - Industry Skills for Sport & Exercise Scientists SPRT2070 Module
SPRT2071 - Sport Tourism and Event Management SPRT2071 Module
SPRT3001 - Independent Study SPRT3001 Module
SPRT3002 - Independent Study SPRT3002 Module
SPRT3003 - Work-Based Learning SPRT3003 Module
SPRT3004 - Contemporary Issues in Sport SPRT3004 Module
SPRT3006 - The Sports Entrepreneur SPRT3006 Module
SPRT3007 - Limits to Human Performance SPRT3007 Module
SPRT3008 - Sport Strategy in Action SPRT3008 Module
SPRT3009 - Group Dynamics in Sport SPRT3009 Module
SPRT3010 - Work-Based Learning (Coaching Placement) SPRT3010 Module
SPRT3011 - Applied Performance Analysis SPRT3011 Module
SPRT3013 - Consultancy in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology SPRT3013 Module
SPRT3014 - Biomechanical Analysis of Sports Techniques SPRT3014 Module
SPRT3015 - Physiological Support of the Elite Athlete SPRT3015 Module
SPRT3016 - Work-Based Learning (Sport & Exercise Science Placement) SPRT3016 Module
SPRT3019 - 14-19 PE and Sport SPRT3019 Module
SPRT3020 - Strategic Event Management SPRT3020 Module
SPRT3021 - Socio-cultural Critique of Global and Olympic Sports SPRT3021 Module
SPRT3024 - Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease SPRT3024 Module
SPRT3026 - The Developing Child in Sport SPRT3026 Module
SPRT3028 - International Sport Development and Volunteering SPRT3028 Module
SPRT3029 - Sport Development Project SPRT3029 Module
SPRT3031 - Work-Based Learning (Disability Coaching Placement) SPRT3031 Module
SPRT3032 - Work-Based Learning (Cricket) SPRT3032 Module
SPRT3033 - Applied Performance Analysis in Cricket SPRT3033 Module
SPRT3037 - Primary Physical Education SPRT3037 Module
SPRT3039 - Coaching Placement and Professional Development SPRT3039 Module
SPRT3040 - Beyond the PE Curriculum - Participatory Action Research (PAR) SPRT3040 Module
SPRT3041 - Contemporary Issues in Disability Sports Coaching and PE SPRT3041 Module
SPRT3042 - Coaching Placement & Professional Development (Disability Sport) SPRT3042 Module
SPRT3043 - Advanced Sports Nutrition SPRT3043 Module
SPRT3045 - Application of Learning Theory in Physical Education SPRT3045 Module
SPRT3048 - Management and Leadership in Sport SPRT3048 Module
SPRT3049 - Strategic Sport Marketing SPRT3049 Module
SPRT3050 - Advanced Coaching Pedagogy and Practice SPRT3050 Module
SPRT3055 - Work Placement Year in the UK SPRT3055 Module
SPSC1001 - Fundamentals of Sport & Exercise Science SPSC1001 Module
SPSC1002 - Sport in the Community SPSC1002 Module
SPSC1003 - Principles of Sport Pedagogy (Coaching and Teaching) SPSC1003 Module
SPSC1004 - Disability Sport SPSC1004 Module
SPSC1005 - Physical Activity and Health SPSC1005 Module
SPSC1006 - Work-based Learning Preparing for the Sports Industry; Developing Intra-personal Skills SPSC1006 Module
SPSC1007 - Cultural Studies in Sport and Physical Activity SPSC1007 Module
SPSC1008 - Work-based Learning Preparing for the Sports Industry; Practice-based Skills SPSC1008 Module
SPTH1016 - Functional Anatomy SPTH1016 Module
SPTH1017 - Sport & Exercise Physiology SPTH1017 Module
SPTH1018 - Sports Massage, Injuries and Illness SPTH1018 Module
SPTH1019 - Principles and Practice of Training SPTH1019 Module
SPTH1020 - Study Skills for Sports Therapists SPTH1020 Module
SPTH2008 - Biomechanics for Sports Therapy SPTH2008 Module
SPTH2010 - Trauma Management, Examination and Assessment SPTH2010 Module
SPTH2011 - Sports Rehabilitation SPTH2011 Module
SPTH2012 - Manual Therapy for Sports Therapists SPTH2012 Module
SPTH2014 - Research Process for Sports Therapists SPTH2014 Module
SPTH2015 - Psychology and Nutrition for Sports Therapists SPTH2015 Module
SPTH3003 - Clinical Placement SPTH3003 Module
SPTH3010 - Advanced Sports Therapy SPTH3010 Module
SPTH3011 - Sports Therapy in Action SPTH3011 Module

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