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    1. Social policy simplified: connecting theory with people's lives - Clive Sealey

      Book Recommended for purchase

  2. Essential Reading 26 items
    1. Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy - Robert Falkner 2013

      Book  Multi-user e-book. Please read Chapter 22: Globalization pp 377-393

    2. Social problems and social justice - Neil Thompson


    3. Social Policy for Social Welfare Professionals: Tools for Understanding, Analysis and Engagement - Graham Simpson, Stuart Connor 2011

      Book Essential Chapter 10 ("Engaging in policy-oriented practice") digitised

    4. Evidence and Evaluation in Social Policy - Ian Greener, Bent Greve 2014

      Book  Multi-user e-book. Please read chapter 2: Understanding the influence of evidence in public health policy: What can we learn from the 'Tobacco Wars'? pp 29-45

    5. Introduction to social policy analysis: Illuminating welfare - Stephen Sinclair 2016

      Book  Read Chapter 3 'Who benefits From welfare? The social division of welfare' NB This ebook has a one user licence, multiple copies available. Chapter 1 has also been digitised and linked in bookmark below.

    6. Introduction to social policy analysis - Stephen P. Sinclair

      Book  Digitised: 'Analysing Social Policies.' pp. 1--20 (Ebook format also available above- one user licence, multiple copies)

    7. The student's companion to social policy 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book  E-book. Print also available, see item below.

    8. The student's companion to social policy 2016

      Book  Print copy. E-book also available, see above.

    9. 23 things they don't tell you about Capitalism - Ha-Joon Chang 2011

      Book Essential

    10. The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism - Gosta Esping-Andersen 1990

      Book Essential Chapter 1 ("The Three Political Economies of the Welfare State") digitised

    11. Social policy - Hartley Dean 2012

      Book Further Digitised Chapter: '1. What is Social Policy?' pp 1-12.

    12. Politics in Europe - M. Donald Hancock 2014

      Book Essential Part 1:2 ("Where is the power?" by Christopher J. Carman) digitised

    13. Welfare - Mary Daly c2011

      Book Further Ebook and print available. Read 'Founding Ideas and Approaches.' pp. 12--35

    14. Welfare - Mary Daly, ProQuest (Firm) c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Ebook and print available. Read 'Founding Ideas and Approaches.' pp. 12--35

    15. Understanding the policy process: analysing the welfare policy and practice - John Hudson, Stuart Lowe 2009

      Book Essential Chapter 12 ("Implementation and delivery") digitised

    16. Social Policy Review: 23 - Chris Holden, Majella Kilkey, Gaby Ramia 2011

      Book Essential

    17. Social policy review: 24: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2012 - Majella Kilkey, Gaby Ramia, Kevin Farnsworth 2012

      Book Essential Chapter 13 ("The great recession and US social policy: from expansion to austerity" by Daniel Beland and Alex Waddan) digitised

    18. Revisiting the welfare state - Robert M. Page 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential MyiLibrary e-book, alternative e-book also available, see item below.

    19. Political ideologies: an introduction - Andrew Heywood 2017

      Book  6th edition. Chapter 1: Political Ideologies and Why They Matter pp.1-23

    20. Political ideologies: an introduction - Andrew Heywood 2017

      Book  6th edition. Chapter 12: Ideology Without End? pp. 324--332

    21. Revisiting the Welfare State - Page, Robert 2007

      Book Essential EBL e-book.

    22. British Social Attitudes 30 - Alison Park, Caroline Bryson, Elizabeth Clery, John Curtice 2013

      Document Essential

    23. Wealth and the wealthy: exploring and tackling inequalities between rich and poor - Karen Rowlingson, Stephen McKay c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    24. Global social policy: themes, issues and actors - Kepa Artaraz, Michael J. Hill 2016

      Book  Chapter 9 has been digitised and is available via the 'online resource' button: Employment and Migration pp. 151--174. Please also read chapter 4 (print copies of this book are available from the library).

  3. Further Reading 66 items
    1. The econocracy: the perils of leaving economics to the experts - Joe Earle, Cahal Moran, Zach Ward-Perkins 2017 (electronic resource)


    2. Social policy for social work: placing social work in its wider context - Lorraine Green, Karen Clarke 2016

      Book  Digitised: Chapter 2 'Welfare Ideologies, Social Policy and Social Work' pp 28-49

    3. Welfare - Mary Daly c2011

      Book  Ebook and print available.

    4. Welfare - Mary Daly, ProQuest (Firm) c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book  Ebook and print available.

    5. Social policy - Hartley Dean 2012


    6. Social policy in Britain - Peter Alcock, Margaret May 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Ebook and print available. Ebook has 1 user licence

    7. Social Policy in Britain - Peter Alcock, Margaret May 2014

      Book Further Digitised: Chapter 14 'Ideologies of War' pp. 223--239. Ebook and print available.

    8. Social policy - John Baldock c2012

      Book Essential Chapter 18 ("The impact of social policy" by Chris Pikvance) digitised

    9. Issues in comparative politics: selections from CQ Researcher c2012

      Book Essential Chapter 15 ("Social welfare in Europe" by Sarah Glazer) digitised

    10. Making Policy in Theory and Practice - Hugh M. Bochel, Sue Duncan 2007

      Book Further

    11. Understanding theories and concepts in social policy - Ruth Lister, Social Policy Association (Great Britain) 2010

      Book Further Digitised: 'Liberty, equality and social justice.' pp. 223--254.

    12. European Welfare States: Comparative Perspectives - Mel Cousins 2005

      Book Essential Chapter 6 ("Typologies of welfare") digitised. Ebook and print available.

    13. European welfare states: comparative perspectives - Mel Cousins 2005 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Ebook and print available.

    14. Global Social Policy & Governance - Bob Deacon 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    15. Global Social Policy & Governance - Bob Deacon 2007

      Book Further

    16. Injustice: why social inequality still persists - Daniel Dorling 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Further E-book

    17. Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists - Daniel Dorling 2010

      Book Further Print copy. Multi-user e-book also available, above.

    18. New Theories of Welfare - Tony Fitzpatrick, Jo Campling 2005

      Book Further

    19. Political and Philosophical Debates in Welfare - Allyn Fives, Jo Campling 2007

      Book Further

    20. British Social Policy: 1945 to the Present - Howard Glennerster 2007

      Book Further

    21. Social Policy in the European Union - Linda Hantrais 2007

      Book Further

    22. Political Ideologies: An Introduction - Andrew Heywood 2012

      Book Essential This is the 5th edition. 6th edition also available from the library, see item below (chapters are digitised from this text in the Essential Reading section).

    23. Political ideologies: an introduction - Andrew Heywood 2017

      Book Essential 6th edition. Previous editions also available, see item above.

    24. Reducing errors in the benefits system - House of Commons 2011

      Document Further

    25. Social Policy: Theories, Concepts and Issues - Michael Lavalette, Alan Pratt 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    26. Motivation, Agency, and Public Policy: of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens - Julian Le Grand 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Further E-book. Print copy also available, please see item below.

    27. Motivation, agency, and public policy: of knights and knaves, pawns and queens - Julian Le Grand 2006

      Book  Print copy. E-book also available, please see item listed above.

    28. The Inclusive Society?: Social Exclusion and New Labour - Ruth Levitas 2005

      Book Further

    29. Publics, Politics and Power: Remaking the Public in Public Services - Janet Newman, John Clarke 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    30. British Social Attitudes: Exploring Labour's Legacy, The 27th Report - Alison Park 2010

      Book Further

    31. Social Policies of the European Union - Christophe Degryse, Philippe Pochet 2010

      Article Further

    32. Understanding the mixed economy of welfare - Martin A. Powell, Social Policy Association (Great Britain) 2007

      Book Essential Chapter 9 ("The mixed economy of welfare: a comparative perspective" by Michael Hill) digitised

    33. Where Power Lies: Prime Ministers v the Media - Lance Price 2011

      Book Further

    34. Understanding inequality, poverty and wealth: policies and prospects - Tess Ridge, Sharon Wright 2008

      Book Essential Chapter 12 ("State approaches to wealth" by Michael Orton) digitised

    35. Ideology and Welfare - Gary Taylor 2007

      Book Further

    36. What is Policy? - Sherri Torjman 2005

      Document Further

    37. Third Force Politics: Liberal Democrats at the Grassroots - Paul Whiteley, Patrick Seyd, Antony Billinghurst 2006

      Book Further

    38. Globalization and social policy - Nicola Yeates 2001

      Book Further

    39. Sweden and the 'third way': a macroeconomic evaluation - Philip Whyman 2003

      Book Essential Chapter 1 ("The 'Third Way' explored") digitised

    40. The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone - Richard G. Wilkinson, Kate Pickett 2010

      Book Further

    41. Can the welfare state survive? - Andrew Gamble 2016


    42. Cost-benefit analysis and health care evaluations - Robert J. Brent 2016


    43. The social legitimacy of targeted welfare - Tim Reeskens edited by Wim van Oorschot, Femke Roosma, Bart Meuleman


    44. Handbook of social policy evaluation 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book  This ebook has a 1 user licence

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    1. Welfare Reform on the Web

      Webpage Further A database of scanned published material related to welfare reform from the British Library