1. You are welcome to use the resources available in The Hive in addition to your local library or learning resource centre. Please be aware The Hive may not hold copies of all the items on your resource list.

  2. Recommended for Purchase 1 item
    1. Adults Learning - Jenny Rogers 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended for purchase

  3. Essential Reading 6 items
    1. Birth and parenting skills: new directions in antenatal education - Julie Foster, Mary L. Nolan 2005

      Book Essential

    2. 500 tips on group learning - Philip Race 2000

      Book  You may experience difficulties in obtaining this item

    3. Facilitating Groups - Jennifer Rogers 2010

      Book Essential

  4. Further Reading 4 items
    1. The father of adult education: Malcolm Knowles IJBPE - Kay Cram & Shona Gore

      Journal Further This article can be found on the FLG padlet

    2. Nurturing the learner: creating a safe learning environment for parents IJBPE - Kay Cram & Shona Gore

      Article Further This article can be found on the FLG padlet

    3. Websites 1 item
      1. Preparation for birth and beyond: a resource pack for leaders of community groups and activities - Department of Health 2011

        Webpage Further