1. Recommended for Purchase 3 items
    1. Social Policy and Social Work - Jo Cunningham 2017

      Book Recommended for purchase Chapter 3 digitised: 'Ideology, social policy and social work' pp. 55-63. Click the online resource button to view the digitisation.

    2. Social policy for social work - Lorraine Green

      Book  A different style to Cunningham and Cunningham see which you like best!

    3. Social problems and social justice - Neil Thompson 2017

      Book  A really accessible text, which will be very useful if the idea of social justice (a fundamental social work value) is a new concept for you. This is what social work is fundamentally about!

  2. Further Reading 19 items
    1. Global social policy: themes, issues and actors - Kepa Artaraz, Michael J. Hill 2016

      Book Further Again, this book will complement our classroom discussion and prevent you from seeing issues through a British only lens.

    2. What is social work?: context and perspectives - Nigel Horner 2012

      Book  Digitised: Chapter 2 'The beginnings of social work' pp 15-30

    3. Social work, poverty and social exclusion - Dave Backwith 2015

      Book  A really detailed analysis of poverty and social exclusion and an inspiring read. A bright new future for social work is predicted! Ebook and print available.

    4. Social work, poverty and social exclusion - Dave Backwith 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book  Ebook and print available.

    5. The short guide to social policy - John Hudson

      Book  Good introductory text to key social policy debates including a strong international perspective. Will help you to avoid being euro-centric!

    6. Social policy in Britain - Peter Alcock, Margaret May 2014

      Book Further For those of you who have a sound grasp of the subject and want to delve deeper!

    7. Social policy simplified: connecting theory with people's lives - Clive Sealey

      Book Essential This is an introductory text to the academic discipline of social policy. Chapter 10 is digitised: 'How can your ideological beliefs make and change social policy' pp196-217

    8. Experiencing social work: learning from service users - Mark Doel, Lesley Best 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Ebook and print available.

    9. Experiencing social work: learning from service users - Mark Doel, Lesley Best 2008

      Book Further Ebook and print available.

    10. Social work and mental health - Malcolm Golightley, Robert Goemans 2017

      Book Further

    11. Social work with drug, alcohol and substance misusers - Anthony Goodman 2013

      Book Further

    12. Social work, social policy and older people - Robert Johns 2011

      Book Further

    13. Social problems: community, policy, and social action - Anna Y. Leon-Guerrero 2015

      Book Further

    14. Social work with children and families - Maureen O'Loughlin

      Book Further Earlier editions also available in library.

    15. Social work: themes, issues and critical debates - Robert Adams, Lena Dominelli, Malcolm Payne 2009

      Book  Chapter 5 digitised: Anti-oppresive practice: the challenges of the twenty-first century pp. 49-64.

    16. Social work theory & practice - Lesley Deacon 2017

      Book Further This book is an excellent theory to practice book and could be used across several modules. The relevant chapters for this module are Chapter 16: Radical Social Work and Chapter 19: Classical and modern management theories

  3. articles for reading! 3 items
    1. The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Social Work and Its Moment - R. Jones 01/04/2014

      Article  A useful article to inform your essay

    2. The Citizenship Theory of social justice: exploring the meaning of personalisation for social workers - Simon Duffy 09/2010

      Article  If you feel all human beings are of equal worth read this!

  4. Watch and Learn 1 item
    1. New: Don't Take My Baby

      Audio-visual document Essential When watching this consider the following: 1. Dilemmas for the social worker 2. Was there an inclusive approach to practice? 3. Could you evidence partnership working?

  5. Useful web links 7 items
    1. JRF | The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

      Website  The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is well worth a look!

    2. Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

      Website Essential SCIE has some useful free on-line tutorials about a range of topics to further your knowledge.

    3. Iriss

      Website  A Scottish perspective! Always useful to see how policy and practice differs across the UK.