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PG01-SSC - Study Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study PG01-SSC Module
PG02-BE - Business Economics (Postgraduate) PG02-BE Module
PG03-CT - Critical Thinking for Postgraduate Study PG03-CT Module
PG04-ICT - ICT Skills for Postgraduate Study PG04-ICT Module
PG05-MN - Management (Postgraduate) PG05-MN Module
PG06-RM - Research Methods for Postgraduate Study PG06-RM Module
UF01-SSC-A - Study Skills and Communication A (Foundation) UF01-SSC-A Module
UF02-SSC-B - Study Skills and Communication UF02-SSC-B Module
UF03-BE - Business and Economics (Foundation) UF03-BE Module
UF05-CT - Critical Thinking UF05-CT Module
UF06-FSE - Foundations in Sport and Exercise Science UF06-FSE Module
UF07-GL - Globalisation UF07-GL Module
UF08-ICT - ICT Skills UF08-ICT Module
UF09-LAW - Introduction to the Legal System of England and Wales UF09-LAW Module
UF11-MC - Mass Communication UF11-MC Module
UF14-NS - Numerical Skills UF14-NS Module
UF15-WC - Introduction to World Cultures UF15-WC Module
UF16-FS - Foundations in Science and Health UF16-FS Module
UG01-SSC-A - Study Skills and Communication A UG01-SSC-A Module
UG02-SSC-B - Study Skills and Communication B (UG Stage 2) UG02-SSC-B Module
UG03-AB - Accounting for Business UG03-AB Module
UG04-APP - Accounting Principles and Practice UG04-APP Module
UG05-AQM - Applied Quantitative Methods UG05-AQM Module
UG06-DMPS - Decision Making and Problem Solving UG06-DMPS Module
UG07-EIT - Economics and International Trade UG07-EIT Module
UG08-MA - Management Accounting UG08-MA Module
UG09-MPO - Managing People and Organisations UG09-MPO Module
UG10-ME - Marketing and Entrepreneurship UG10-ME Module
UG11-MC - Marketing Communications UG11-MC Module
UG12-FA - Financial Accounting UG12-FA Module

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